Thursday, 2020-04-30

OksanaaaRegarding black cameras: signal 'show-frame' is invalid for instance '0xac244200' of type 'GstDroidEglSink'01:06
r0kk3rzyeah too new gst-droid i think01:07
r0kk3rzdo you remember what it updated when you last did zypper update?01:10
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OksanaA bunch of droid packages, a bunch of pulseaudio packages, jolla-calculator, maybe something else. Any chance of logs of the update somewhere?03:41
r0kk3rzmaybe in var/log/zypper04:24
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haasngreat.. updating SailfishOS broke the terminal *and* ssh access >.<12:29
haasnssh just keeps claiming 'permission denied' and the terminal never spawns a shell12:29
haasnI know I can probably fix it by painstakingly debugging it from recovery mode but come on, there has to be a simpler way to regain some sort of control over my device12:30
maldid you read the comments in the 3.3.0 release note post in tjc12:31
malis it just ssh that broke?12:32
haasndon't see anything relevant12:33
haasnit's ssh and the terminal12:33
haasnI can't debug ssh not working because I can't use the terminal..12:33
haasnI already tried changing the password to no avail, and it's weird anyway because it should accept my pubkey without _requiring_ a password12:33
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haasnso maybe ~/.ssh/ is not readable for some reason12:34
haasnwhich would be worrying12:34
haasnor maybe something about loginctl is fundamentally broken since that would explain both failures to get a session12:34
haasnif only I could see journal or dmesg...12:34
haasnthe good news is that ~/.ssh/authorized_keys is definitely readable, I can navigate to that from the file browser and open it12:35
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haasnI don't suppose it's possible to get root from one of the graphical file editors so I can poke around in config files and stuff using it?12:37
haasn*sigh* the only reason this is kinda somewhat urgent for me is because I need to use the terminal to start a user service because despite it being enabled, it doesn't auto-start on boot..12:39
haasnsigh.. time to enter recovery mode and hope I get lucky stumbling around in the dark trying to debug a problem I can't debug12:42
haasnit's become a trend of needing to do that after SailfishOS updates12:43
haasnI'm wondering if upgrading is even worth the trouble at this point12:43
haasnsolved the issue13:02
haasnpretty sure I had the same issue before, which is /usr/bin/zsh breaking after the upgrade13:02
haasnusing `sed` to edit the login shell of user `nemo` from /usr/bin/zsh to /bin/bash fixes the issue13:02
haasnaha. seems like the upgrade uninstalled my zsh package again13:02
haasnI really wish it would give me a list of packages to review before hitting "ugprade"13:03
haasnYou know, like literally any other distro upgrade tool13:03
haasnidea: I'll replace my login shell by /usr/local/bin/shell which will check if /usr/bin/zsh exists and otherwise run /bin/bash13:03
haasnto prevent every upgrade from screwing me over13:03
dubliner[m]I am glad to read you solved your problem. Whilte this was ongoing I was hesitant about asking for help for my rather more trivial problem - well, hope fully trivial.13:04
dubliner[m]My dad has a problem with the phone's speaker - it remains silent except for phone calls (Bacon with SFOS 3.2). It seems to me this might be hardware related. PulseAudio keeps setting "wired headphones" as primary output. Maybe the jack is broken (even though, it seemed to work when I tried a moment ago). Here is the question: *How do I permanently disable "wired headphones" on SailfishOS.* Looking at generic13:07
dubliner[m]troubleshooting for PulseAudio on the web didn't get me anywhere.13:07
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dubliner[m] * I am glad to read you solved your problem. While this was ongoing I was hesitant about asking for help for my rather more trivial problem - well, hope fully trivial.13:17
dubliner[m]Found a solution. I added this line to `set-sink-port 0 output-speaker` At least it seems to survive a reboot. Fingers crossed...14:19
ollbt (IRC): Did you try to port gitpkg to Python 3?15:33
f1reflyI found an old nexus 4 and decided to flash sailfish on it. The available version is and I managed to get the cyanogenmod rom from, but when trying to use pkcon it tells me it cant find the repo on that it's configs are pointing to.15:33
f1reflyIs it just too old or are there chances to bring it back to live?15:34
Nico[m]That is fairly ancient15:34
Nico[m]I'm guessing the repo was renamed or deleted now15:34
Nico[m]One could probably make a new port though15:35
f1reflyI've no experience on how to port sailfish whatsovever so thats probably not going to happen15:36
f1reflyThank you anyways15:36
Nico[m]I'm told it's not that hard, but understandable :D15:37
f1reflyYeah it says in the wiki that it's an 'easy' process that can be done by following the guide 'step by ste'15:37
f1reflyp', but last time I checked the instructions where way off limit for me15:38
Nico[m]Yeah, I have a similar experience :D15:38
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attahpiggz_: abranson: This should hopefully fix printer discovery for you:
malattah: was it so that when you started that app we had the old cups in sailfish which was then updated (looks like in 3.3.0)17:21
malwondering if the new cups could make some things easier, the old was quite broken17:22
attahWell, not without a lot of hassle17:22
abransonattah: that was quick! will test that17:23
malattah: what is the problem with using cups?17:23
attahAlso cups is not exactly harbour friendly17:23
malwell it should work via Qt printing api17:23
attahYes, and that api is a huge hassle17:24
attahi have to render *everything* in-app17:24
attahno transparent sending just the file17:24
attahabranson: well, making stupid oversights, sets you up for easy fixes :)17:25
attahanyway, is avahi anywhere to be found?17:25
attahdoesn't show on my device at least17:26
attahso cups would be deaf to network printers17:26
malI think sailfish doesn't have avahi17:27
attahand honestly i'd prefer to not keep context of printers... and if i do, i'd want it to be scoped by what wifi you are on17:27
attahdon't think cups does that17:28
abransonattah: yeah it pops up nicely now thanks17:28
abransondoesn't print though17:29
attahwhat format?17:29
attahit seems there are two types of jpeg support, and i can't tell them apart17:29
abransonit doesn't seem to do anything. i get a 'qml/components/IntegerSetting.qml:27:24: Unable to assign [undefined] to double' when i select a file17:30
attahsome printers support arbitrary jpegs, some support it as a means of compression for exactly sized pages17:30
abransonthen a few seconds after printing it says pages/PrinterPage.qml:18: TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined17:30
abransonah that makes sense. so everything should be those raster formats?17:30
attahconverting everything but pdfs (if supported) seems like the way to go17:31
abransonmy printer also says it can print 'application/octet-stream' which seems ambitious :)17:31
abransonyeah i think you're right there17:32
attahit basically means auto-detect17:32
attahand some few printers will take a pdf without advertising it17:32
abransonthere seems to be a pdf-versions-supported property too. mine says 'None' :)17:32
attahwhy bother including it then? :P17:32
abransoni like the sound of the pwg-raster. moreso than the apple format anyway...17:33
attahthey are basically the same, it just took 10 years and bit of bloat to get to a standard17:34
attahso if i avoid a compression quirk for the apple case, they just differ in the header17:34
attahHere is the code:
attahThe problem i have is that Qt's http client can't do chunked transport from what i can tell... so the conversion step will need to go to /tmp, making it take much more time17:43
attah...and then i'm also unable to run that in a separate thread so i don't lock up the gui, because apparently then it isn't allowed to use the network access manager in a class instance owned by the main thread, or somesuch17:44
Dakonhaven't I read that the email client now supports watching on multiple folders?17:59
Dakonhow can I configure that?17:59
lbtol: gitpkg is dead I'm afraid - it never really got adopted and it relied on pristine tar which is dead upstream18:10
* lbt looks at on OBS18:11
abransonDakon: in the email settings18:44
abransonsorry, the email account settings18:44
altker128Hey guys.  Couldn't find this question answered.  Does AFWall work on the Android portion of SFOS?20:32
altker128I know that SFOS 3.x has iptables support but trying to figure out if it's possible to selectively enable network access for Android apps20:33
attahseems unlikely, but try?20:33
altker128Does anyone have an active interest in helping create a firewall solution?  Seems sad that's not there :/20:43
altker128So many malicious Android apps or apps that do questionable things20:43
attahbetter not install them then :=o20:44
altker128I know what you're saying but honestly even open-source apps have analytics and other stuff baked into them20:45
altker128Has anyone tried this version of Maps.ME on their SFOS device?  :
altker128Also curious how well a dual-SIM device works on SFOS20:54
altker128I setup SFOS on an XA2 for a family member but that was single-sim20:54
ollbt (IRC): It's not dead. Please see for details.21:36
ollbt (IRC): Also, it you're interested in sb2 patches for recent build, see

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