Friday, 2020-05-01

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Dakonfound it, thx07:51
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piggz_attah: hi09:39
piggz_that fixes the error, now I get Printe Failed: (and no message)09:40
attahOkay, nice09:41
attahThat means your printer gave absolutely no info about how or why09:41
attahmaybe just closed the connection09:41
piggz_ok ... strange, its a very new printer and works as a cups driverless printer09:41
piggz_so, _should_ support printing different page sizes09:42
attahPage sizes, sure... but i don't think it expects to have to scale the images itself09:42
attahcups will have done it for it09:43
piggz_would certainly be nice to print photos from phone09:44
piggz_excellent use case09:44
attahyes, agreed09:44
attahthat and PDFs should do for most09:44
attahso if you have any hints on how i could go about making a conversion pipeline run in another thread/process i'm all ears09:45
attahI already have the basic raster codec:
piggz_running in antoerh thread isnt too difficult .....09:46
piggz_also, why is the resolution so low, 600x600 ... printer should do much higher09:47
attah600x600 *dpi*09:47
piggz_yes, spec of printer is 4800x1200dpi09:48
attahwell, then you should be able to select other options09:48
attahbut it is not available?09:49
piggz_no its not09:50
piggz_byw, here is some code that runs in a worker thread
attahHmm, okay, so using slots to call back would work?09:51
attahThe problem i have is that i used QtConcurrent::run() and then it was not allowed to use the QNetworkAccessManager of the main thread09:52
attahplease paste me the contents of the debug page, and i'll take a look at if there is something up with the resolution selection09:53
attah(tap the printer rapidly 5 times with no file selected, long press to copy)09:53
attahOr maybe easier... in the QtCreator output, there is a big blob starting with onCompleted:1209:54
piggz_attah: ..09:57
Nico[m]attah: You could use a separate NetworkManager on you specfic thread or you need to communicate with the main thread via signals/slots09:58
attahwell, under printer-resolution-supported, you have only one option09:59
piggz_yeah, i saw that09:59
piggz_wonder if the printer fakes it09:59
piggz_thats whats spashed over the specs!09:59
attahor it's only supported for some select proprietary extension10:00
piggz_i see in the supported formats is octet-stream ... wonder if you sent a pdf to that it would work?10:02
attahlikely not, but feel free to try10:02
piggz_ill leave you to printing for now, too many other projects! :D10:03
attahit seems to mostly be older printers that fails to advertise that properly10:03
attahA colleague has a quire old laser printer that does Postscript(!) it happily takes PDFs too10:04
piggz_i bought this printer specifically becuase it is a generation older than current, and can still get cheap ink for it ... all the new gen ones are locked down10:04
attahthat's a can of worms i don't want to get anywhere near :)10:04
attahMaybe soon they will stop that madness10:05
piggz_yeah, ive always had HPs, but i couldnt get a modern hp printer without drm on  the ink!10:05
attahthe first printer with intentionally/properly refillable toner has already happened10:06
piggz_so what will the raster support add?10:07
attahthat would mean anything that i can convert in-app can be printed on most printers from the last 10-15 years10:08
attah(barring he cheapest HPs)10:08
piggz_well, looking forward to testing that!10:09
attahi.e. any type of image that Qt can give me the raw data of, plus PDFs10:09
attahmy pipeline already works with mupdf... it id the multithreading that is the functional hurdle10:10
attahthen performance could do with a boost too...10:10
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attahpiggz_: I duct taped it together with QMetaObject::invokeMethod() so i could get a document through11:38
attahbut it really needs loads of cleanup, so i'm trying to wrap my head around what you did11:39
schmutzfingerhi all, just wanted to OTA update to rokua. My device rebooted and is now stuck on a white screen with SONY, LED is blinking green, connecting to a laptop it is an ethernet device with DHCP on, this has 22 open and i get "System is booting up. See pam_nologin(8)"11:44
schmutzfingerit is stuck since about 2h now, can not even power-button it off for a reflash11:44
schmutzfingerbut i still hope i get away without reflash ... somehow Will need to wait for the battery to drain anyways ...11:45
Nico[m]Have you tried a hard reset, i.e. holding one of the volume keys + the power button for a few seconds?11:46
schmutzfingerNico[m]: i tried, but must have been the wrong one ... since it now worked11:48
schmutzfingerand it came back up in the old firmware ... wow shock slowly going away11:50
schmutzfingeri might try again, is there a way to receive feedback on the updates? Or might i find a log of the "failed" attempt somewhere?11:51
Nico[m]Hm,not sure, someone else will have to answer that, but there is an app on openrepos that may help with system upgrades in your case12:42
schmutzfingerNico[m]: not sure i would want an app for something that basic, will do some research before i dare to try again13:18
attahpiggz_: you don't happen to have any hints on adding build steps that run "make" in submodules to the project?15:20
abransonattah: what's the ioprepender.h header used in seaprint? i'm missing it16:22
attahit's just garbage, it can be removed16:23
attahQtCreator doing things for me when i didn't mean to16:24
abransonah ok thanks16:24
attahit came from one of all the failed attempts of making rasterization16:24
abransonbut it doesn't mess up your build?16:24
attahseems i have it sloshing around in my local repo16:25
attahor had, at least16:25
attahi'm off to make dinner etc... but any hints on getting extra binaries produced via QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS to actually make it into the rpm would be much appreciated16:28
attahabranson: are you on the pipeline branch?16:29
attahnvm, master is broken too16:30
abransoni was just on master16:30
attahanyway.. i'll be back later to see if i can't get the extra binaries to pack nicely16:31
abransonbtw, I think the 'printer-info' field would be a better name to display for the printer than the rp thing16:31
abransondid you get make working? i think for qmake it's SUBDIRS16:32
abransonbon appetit!16:32
attahQMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS += ppm2pwg // ppm2pwg.commands = make -C $$PWD/ppm2pwg16:32
abransonthat works too i guess16:33
abransonfor the rpm, you'd have to add them to the spec?16:33
attahapply liberal amounts of duct tape ;)16:33
abransonnot sure though with that yaml thing. i thought that was gone these days16:34
abransoni'd drop that, get rid of all those # >> # << in the spec, and just stick what you need in the %files section :)16:35
attahi was banging my head against the .pro file, because it looked to control what files get copied over16:35
abransonyes that does16:35
attahbut a DISTFILES += ppm2pwg/ppm2pwg doesn't seem to work... i'd have expected it to at least fail16:36
attahi really need to get dinner started, but thanks16:37
attahabranson: back, temporarily... what about that rp thing?17:01
attahany idea how (and where?) i would ship some extra binaries with my app?18:40
attahan extra target with a .files entry seems to lose execution permissions18:40
altker128I struggled with this before, if I want to cross-compile "standard" FOSS programs (i.e. like dnsmasq) are there some examples of doing this?  I know how to cross-compile in general, but not sure how to target SFOS19:01
attahsupposedly the sdk vm thingy can be used19:12
attahbut now that i have put it inside the .pro file it gets run in the correct environment without me doing anything19:13
attahfor any random little things i want to build, i do it on the phone19:13
attahAnd now i finally got it executable19:14
attahQMAKE_INSTALL_PROGRAM = install -m 755 -p19:14
attahand i switched the binary over to being in .programs from .files, so i don't accidentally make everything else executable19:15
altker128attah: But what about stuff like ./configure, et c?19:43
attahI'm fortunate to have two dependencies that it is enough to "make"19:44
attahso i get away with: PPM2PWG.commands = make -C $$PWD/ppm2pwg19:44
altker128It's so weird that SFOS is Linux based but building programs for my iOS devices (using Linux no less) seems easier.  set CC= and run ./configure && make19:46
attahtechnically it is that easy, just not through qmake19:46
altker128I guess to make "non-GUI" programs, how does go about doing that?19:47
attahas i said, i compile them on the phone19:48
attahjust install gcc and go19:48
attahno golang, but the verb ;)19:48
altker128Is there a reason it can't be done on a Linux PC?19:48
attahIt can most certainly be done, and with the sdk vm it is probably almost easy19:49
attahi just never bothered19:49

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