Saturday, 2020-05-02

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OksanaaaWhen I fed apkenv to auto-builder, I got two errors: writev and bsd_signal were not defined. So, I added two lines sys uio for writev and something for bsd_signal.05:04
OksanaaaI cannot tell whether it helped or not because now there are many, many warning errors when attempting to build05:05
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attahSeems i spoke too soon... any ideas on how i can bundle an extra binary with my app?10:36
attahOnly thing i can get to work is to have it as a "file" of an extra target, but to get that executable, i have to change the permissions applied to *all* files, like qmls and whatnot, seems a bit blunt10:36
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attahpiggz_: I managed to cobble the raster pipeline together without bundling mupdf... turns out poppler-utils that is already available can do what i need as an intermediary format18:53

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