Sunday, 2020-05-03

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attahI'm trying to do the x86 build of my app, but after clicking the build or deploy button it just sits there doing nothing... any ideas on how to find out what is wrong?12:37
attahNo idea what was wrong, but reinstalling the target helped12:47
abransonhaving more than one binary isn't allowed in the store though :(12:59
abransonah, you managed to avoid needing one?13:00
attahno, i still need one more binary13:03
attahbut it works as a resource... so maybe it will fly under the radar?13:04
attahi avoided shipping mupdf, but my ppm2pwg is still needed13:05
attahand i can't see myself working around that, since Qt's http client completely refuses to do streaming13:07
tanriolWell, you could bundle the code in the same binary, why not? Not really elegant, but should work...13:09
attahhmm, maybe i could cobble it in to to the convert pipeline as some sort of QIODevice13:12
attahcrap... the validation thingy catches it13:14
attahi'll take a walk and think about it13:15
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attahand i'm back... but with no more of a plan than before14:15
attahabranson: piggz: If you want to see what i'm up to regarding format conversions...
attahI is not finished yet, so there will be some issues for sure... but it should work in the basic case for a forgiving printer14:25
attahrequires: poppler-utils, or else it will fail to convert14:26
tanriolattah: If you can make that work with two binaries, you could just make one binary that uses some argument or environment variable to understand which branch it should run.14:27
attahbut main() isn't under my control, is it?14:27
attahnevermind, yes it is14:28
attahi should really look at optimizing ppm2pwg, beacuse it is apparently quite horrible right now14:30
attahmaybe that will lead me in some direction regarding how it can be integrated14:33
maldid you do that ppm2pwg yourself? how does cups-filters do that, it has many conversion things
attahmal: yes, i did14:42
attahthat is a very good question, and i tried digging, but yeah, it is all such spaghetti14:43
attahturns out mupdf supports pwg raster already14:43
attahit is actually only 4x faster than having mupdf output a ppm and piping to ppm2pwg14:44
attahbetter than i thought...14:45
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