Monday, 2020-05-04

UmeshCould someone help me in creating a new account to access
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ukmHi, can anyone help me in creating an account in
malukm: did you read the instrucions on that page?22:57
ukmYes I was going though the document, it was saying to ask someone in the channel. Is there any other thing I need to take care of?23:07
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malthat is all you need, you can either send him email or contact via IRC, as the instructions say you need to tell desired username and your email address23:10
ukmI tried with IRC, adding email and username, but it redirected to another page asking to send email to David Greaves. I have send email to David asking the same.23:14
ukmis sailfishos recommended for smartwatch devices? and if I am installing, do I need to have licensing to use sailfishos?23:29

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