Tuesday, 2020-05-05

ukmIs sailfishos recommended for smartwatch devices? and if so, do I need to have licensing to use sailfishos in my device?00:37
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altker128Hey guys.  Has anyone tried to use AFWall inconjunction with the Alien Dalvik VM?  Does it works to control Android apps requesting network access?04:46
altker128Also any chance, however slim, to the Android subsystem to talk with smartwatches that use BLE?04:46
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molanHi everyone. What would be the most convenient option to test app translations with the sdk emulator?07:23
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flypigPSA: sailfishos infra has a host down - you may have difficulty accessing git.sailishos.org for a bit.13:04
flypigPSA: git.sailfishos.org is back now.15:50
altker128Hey guys.  Anyone tried to use AFWall to control network permissions of the Android apps running via the AlienDalvik?17:02
attah /poke piggz18:38

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