Monday, 2020-05-11

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molanI sometimes get the message "Secure connection setup failed" in the console on the simple Image { } or Video { } component on some servers when including media over HTTPS. Does anyone know how to resolve this?06:18
jmlichHi, I am trying to share photo, but page with list of accounts to share is empty. I was trying to get some log
jmlichIt started to work again after 'systemctl --user restart transferengine.service'. It seems, similar issue was observed here
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atlochowski@mal: do you (jolla) have any plans to fix GPS timestamp in Jolla 1?
atlochowskias you mention "maybe that could be solved using some hack to add a constant value in the gps middleware to the timestamp coming from gps hardware"16:42
atlochowskiyes, it's constant: 7169 days16:43
pahi, trying to update a jolla1 for 2 days, downloading updates seems stuck most of the time. ALso pkcon refresh kinda fails every time18:03
pais it some known problem?18:03
malpa: how does it fail?18:33
pamal, it's stuck at some pct, most often 0%18:34
pa(pkcon refresh)18:34
pathe download of the update, otoh, the same18:35
pawithout pct as it is not shown18:35
paon "refreshing software list"18:35
payes i had a bunch of openrepos repos18:35
malpa: and network is working correctly?18:56
attahAnyone here whose printer doesn't take PDFs natively, and who is feeling adventurous? SeaPrint now has a remedy in the works for that...18:58
attah(and some help testing would be much appreciated)19:00
pamal, yeah network's fine19:02
paeven "could not resolve host" but then ping resolves it19:04
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paeven SSL error19:20
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malpa: from which version are you updating? 3.2.1?19:34
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