Tuesday, 2020-05-12

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pamal, now i managed to get to 3.3.0 i think10:42
paand now pkcon refresh keeps giving me permission to access denied for store-repository.jolla.com/releases/3.3.0-16/aliendalvik/SbJ/repodata/repomod.xml?credentials=store10:43
paif that rings any bell10:43
malpa: wait, that has 3.3.0-16 it should be, are you sure you used correct "ssu re" command?11:08
SellerieHi, I am currently looking into sailfishos and whether a device could be a viable alternative to my current Android device, but I have some questions regarding the OS itself12:34
SellerieDoes SFOS support some type of full disk encryption or similar to keep personal data secured?12:35
DylanVanAssche<Sellerie "Does SFOS support some type of f"> Official devices such as Sony Xperia X, XA2, 10 support full disk encryption since the latest OS release (3.3.0)12:35
SellerieOh, awesome!12:36
DylanVanAsscheSellerie (IRC): Note: the encryption is implemented using LUKS and the password is your unlock code. You need a really long unlock code if you want to have a strong encryption.12:37
SellerieThat makes sense12:38
SellerieDoes the fingerprint sensor still work when using LUKS? (Of course not for the bootup unlock process but in the further device usage prodecure)12:39
DylanVanAsscheSellerie (IRC): Yes, you can use the fingerprint reader to unlock, just not for the LUKS part.12:40
SellerieThat sounds fine to me12:41
SellerieOh, I heard that it's missing a "native" browser for the OS. What is the typical solution for That?12:42
SellerieDo people just use the Android Firefox?12:43
Nico[m]Sailfish does have a native browser, but it is using an old version of the firefox engine atm, which can suck at times12:43
Nico[m]People just use alternative browsers via Android or native browsers using Webgit/Webengine or recently a browser via flatpak, iirc12:44
Nico[m](I use the sailfish browser 90% of the time)12:45
SellerieDoes the sailfish browser support addons like firefox? e.g. ad blocker, umatrix etc12:45
Nico[m]Not in the UI at least12:47
SellerieOh bummer12:47
SellerieWell if e.g. the Android firefox just works fine within the OS that would be fine for me too though12:48
SellerieIs there support for wireguard in any way?12:48
Nico[m]Android support is not available for community ports though, just for the official images12:48
Nico[m]There is no wireguard support yet, at least officially, but I guess that will come once it is actually available in kernel12:49
SellerieWell I was looking into getting an Xperia 10 specifically for this reason12:49
SellerieOh, regarding kernel: What kernel is used? Like - is it a (heavily) modified vendor kernel or is it based on upstream?12:50
Nico[m]It usually uses the kernel provided by the vendor12:51
Nico[m]But it depends on the hardware12:51
Nico[m]Xperia uses the Sony kernel12:51
SellerieThat sounds like the current Xperia devices will never see native wireguard support?12:52
SellerieI dont know the kernel update policy of Sony12:52
Nico[m]Seems like Sony mostly still provides 4.14, but since WireGuard is getting integrated into Android, I'd guess, that they will also add that to their kernels?12:56
SellerieYou say that the kernel is the unmodified Sony kernel? So when I want the sources of it I can just get them fromt Sony themselves?12:57
SellerieI mean in that case I should also be able to build an own kernel with wireguard support integrated I guess12:58
DylanVanAsscheSellerie (IRC): Depends if Jolla upgrades the adaptation to a higher Android API. Xperia X is still stuck at 4.4 for example.12:58
SellerieWell I'm not afraid of using the shell to configure wireguard12:59
SellerieI mean - I dont understand how you associate wireguard with the Android API13:01
DylanVanAsscheSellerie (IRC): SFOS on Android devices such as Sony's use the Android drivers and their APIs to drive the hardware.13:02
DylanVanAsscheUpgrading a kernel is mostly associated with upgrading these blobs.13:02
SellerieAh I see13:02
DylanVanAsscheAnd these things are difficult and sometimes expensive to get newer drivers from hw vendors13:02
SellerieOk I see13:03
DylanVanAsscheSony is very open about it, but still requires a new adaptation on top of it from Jolla13:03
SellerieBut I assume its not an issue to roll your own kernel for SFOS?13:06
Sellerie(own = self compiled)13:06
DylanVanAsscheSellerie (IRC): If you adapt the hw adaptation on top of this kernel too.13:06
DylanVanAsscheIf you want to know more about this, you can find the specialists on the #sailfishos-porters IRC channel.13:07
SellerieSounds good, thank you! :)13:09
x2sSellerie: there seems to be a userspace wireguard implementation https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-go/about/13:19
x2smaybe that helps?13:19
x2shttps://together.jolla.com/question/182324/wish-wireguard/ here's the thread about it, if you haven't seen it already.13:20
x2sand one comment says that at least for the XA2 kernel WireGuard should be built-in13:22
SellerieWell I already ordered the Xperia 10 xD13:23
x2sthe kernel for the XA2 and 10 shouldn't be that different13:23
x2sso there's a good chance it's built-in, too13:23
x2sthe X on the other hand... I don't know13:23
x2slet me check with ssh ;)13:24
SellerieSounds awesome13:24
x2soh, wait, looks like you still have to build the kernel module yourself.13:25
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SellerieWell I'm fine witht that13:29
SellerieThank you, I'm really looking forward to test all the things on it now :)13:31
SellerieOh, another UX question: Does Bluetooth audio work properly?13:46
DylanVanAsscheSellerie (IRC): I use Bluetooth audio for my car and 2 speakers, no issues.14:04
DylanVanAsscheSome people have issues on together.jolla.com, but I haven't had any at all14:04
SellerieWhat codecs does it support?14:06
SellerieThats good to know as I use bluetooth audio alot14:23
x2sI have weird problems with it. But that could be because of how it seems to be implemented.14:42
x2sAnd my car stereo is now 8 years old14:42
x2sIt was better in the past. Now when I enter the car the phone connects, but then drops for some reason the phone support (audio still works). So no calls, but I can listen to music14:43
x2sI think it has something to do with changing cell towers and having no connection inbetween. Somehow SFX then gets either stuck or cuts the phone part of bluetooth completely14:43
x2sWhen I switch of the car and on again it suddenly works again14:44
SellerieThat sounds weird14:52
SellerieWell I have some bluetooth headphones I use basically constantly so would be good if that works :D14:52
x2sthat should work. I haven't seen many problems with bluetooth audio.14:58
x2sbut the car stuff... well14:59
x2sWho would've thought that car makers deliver unusable software?14:59
SellerieColour me surprised :D15:00
Sellerieoh, another question regarding that nextcloud stuff: Can I also use other (cal)dav services for use with SFOS?15:05
Nico[m]That's how I used my calendars before the nextcloud integration15:06
SellerieI see15:07
SellerieWell I run a radicale server and I already use that one on my Android15:07
Nico[m]That probably works, although sometimes synchronisation can be a bit finnicky with some services...15:10
x2sI'm using davical for carddav and caldav and it works fine. I have to set up nextcloud for my backups sometimes...15:31
ochernojust recently installed Freenas/Nextcloud and use both CalDev and CardDev with SFOS... happy do ditch Ass...droid services... email/cal/contacts15:38
ochernoplus SFOS backup feature works with Nextcloud, though not sure how effective it is15:38
DylanVanAsscheocherno (IRC): CardDAV and CalDAV are pretty nice, I also run such a server (radicale.org).16:00
attahQImage </318:39
attahProbably PEBKAC, but simple things like https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qimage.html#scaled third image in the explanation... it doesn't actually pad to the dashed line18:41
attahbecause why would it?18:42
attahand the raw format id some kind of RGBA regardless of what i convertToFormat it to18:42
Nico[m]Ah, yeah, the conversion stuff can be tricky :D18:43
Nico[m]But the scaling does work in my experience, but I'm not sure, if it works with the Qt version in Sailfish18:43
attahit works alright.. it is just their model of explaining it is a bit borked18:44
attah...or my brain is18:44
Nico[m]Well, if you scale it without regards to the aspect ratio, it will always have exactly the size of the rectangle18:46
attahThe problem is i wanted to maintain aspect ratio, but the image they use to explain it would be easily interpreted as doing padding18:47
Nico[m]But if you keep the aspect ratio, you need to decide how to crop it. You can either fit it inside the rectangle or make it overflow18:47
Nico[m]Well, the explanation is, that the image will fit inside the rectangle, that you provide to the function18:48
Nico[m]The rectangle is just to show the input parameter, not the output18:49
attahI completely see that now *after* trying18:49
Nico[m]I thought it made sense, when I read it the first time, but I can see, how you could understand it both ways :318:50
attahi guess my head is too far up a printer to see how there can all of a sudden be nothing within the dimensions18:50
attahi feel even more stupid.. QImage at all can already save to the desired format19:00
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