Thursday, 2020-05-14

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abransonmeeting just starting in #sailfishos-meeting08:02
molanQuestion concerning app localization with the Sailfish SDK. Whenever I change or add new code (not changing any qsTr texts), translation files often get messed up (already translated strings become untranslated when building). Is there a way to add ids to translated strings? Or what's the best way to avoid this problem?08:05
Nico[m]You could do this:
Nico[m]But for me usually the qsTr texts don't mess up, unless I change them.08:07
molan<Nico[m]> Thanks, that's very helpful. I'm suprised as well that the translations get messed up. Good to know that this shouldn't happen.08:09
Nico[m]lbt or sage, I think I need to ask you, if I want an account for I would like to update the meson package and some docs for a few packages, if I have the time for it this weekend.08:36
SellerieOh, another random question: What audio backend does SFOS use?12:59
SellerieThat makes life *alot* easier!13:11
malwhat are you trying to do?13:12
SellerieI have a pulse server in my home LAN13:12
SellerieAnd sometimes I stream stuff to it directly to play it on my home sound system :D13:26
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lbtNico[m]: I need a username and email address...15:59
Nico[m]Oh, awesome, thanks. I'm guessing a new username? In that case, I usually use deepbluev7 and nicolas (dot) werner (at) hotmail.de16:00
lbtemail coming16:02
Nico[m]Thank you <316:02
lbtwelcome aboard16:02
Nico[m]Thanks, I hope am not messing up too often :316:03
SellerieHi, my Xperia 10 just arrived and I unlocked the bootloader and all but the flashing procedure fails with the error that fastboot doesnt know the flash command. Is there any special trick to make fastboot work properly?19:01
SellerieI am asking because there is a special trick that always helped on my LG G7 and maybe there is something I should know19:01
SellerieOh, I assume this is a bug: The doesnt seem to parse the fastboot output properly. Like - the device is definitely connected and when I type `fastboot devices` by hand it is definitely showing up and also responding to fastboot commands19:05
attahUsing USB3 by any chance?19:08
SellerieThe cable that came with it is USB 3, yeah19:11
attahIf you happen to have some, plug it in to a USB2 connector on your computer19:12
SellerieAs a matter of luck I do19:12
attahfastboot is flakier than Kellogg's on many USB3 controllers for some reason19:13
Selleries/on many USB controllers// :p19:15
attahdidn't help?19:16
SellerieIt did, thanks :)19:16
SellerieI'm currently pretending to be a relevant internet person and writing along my experiences in hope that someone will read them someday :D19:17
attahMy new workstation doesn't have any USB2 ports so i had to resurrect my 2007 thinkpad xD19:17
SellerieWell I am writing some kinda review19:18
SellerieNot for any commercial thing or something, just because I can19:19
attahThat's at least helpful for people looking to take the plunge19:19
SellerieThat was exactly my thought19:19
attahI've been here forever, but... other people19:20
SellerieAre you content with SFOS for daily use?19:20
attahThat woed describes it pretty well actually19:21
SellerieHonestly if I can say the same that would be a huge win for me19:22
attahSo what is bugging you?19:22
SellerieAbout SFOS? I dont know yet19:22
SellerieBut I am 100% bugged out by Android19:22
SellerieIts booted :D19:23
attahI have a S9 for work... that'l like last years falgship or something...19:23
attahNot impressed19:23
SellerieYeah I have an LG G7 ThinQ19:23
SellerieThe community for the device is...uh19:23
SellerieWell lets put it like that: There are some cool people around19:24
SellerieOkay at first it booted up, asked for the language, EULA, and then it started to encrypt stuff19:26
SellerieWell now its stuck inside a fancy coloured glitchy freeze-screen19:26
attahhmm, that's odd19:27
SellerieThats probably not supposed to be :D19:27
SellerieTried to upload a pic of it to susepaste, but its 2big19:28
attahthere is always imgur19:29
SellerieI recently tried uploading to imgur using spectacle (The KDE Plasma desktop's dedicated screenshot tool) but it apparently required some kinda login now, not sure if I did it wrong or if they actually closed anon uploads19:30
SellerieThat worked:
attahInteresting.. colors seems somewhat based on the default wallpaper19:34
attahmaybe a force-reboot19:34
SellerieYep I recognized that too from the website19:34
SellerieWell I just did exactly that19:34
SellerieOkay this looks promising again :)19:35
attahI have been mostly spared from such issues... the Jolla 1 filesystem borked itself a few times though... but that's btrfs on eMMC for you19:36
SellerieDo they still use BTRFS?19:37
SellerieThank god19:37
attahit sounded like a good idea at the time19:38
SellerieDunno I'm 21 but my experiences with computers made me a late-adopter already19:38
attahInteresting... especially that it brings you here19:39
SellerieWell I am interested in Linux-phones for quite some time now19:41
SellerieAlso took a look at pinephone but imo thats not the kinda phone I want19:41
attahbut it does make sense on some level, less tolerance for things not just doing what they should19:41
attahWhat part of it?19:42
Sellerie2gb ram, 16gb emmc, wifi b/g/n19:42
attahYeah, the ram part makes me hesitant as well19:43
attahbut storage shouldn't be an issue19:43
attahAnd nobody actually gets "ac" WiFi speeds anyway19:44
SellerieIt depends19:45
attahSailfish apps are routinely about 100k in size for even pretty advanced stuff19:45
SellerieI wrote a small term paper about the differences between wifi n and ac19:46
SellerieI mean, what I know from this is that on clients its actually not that relevant but in APs its crucial especially for heavily packed places19:47
attahokay, i'd have thought it wasn't too big of a difference, but ax would be more interesting19:47
SellerieI 100% agree19:48
SellerieBut that'll take a while, like it did with wifi ac19:49
attahyup, so no use in waiting for that for a phone upgrade19:50
attahI did my B.Sc. thesis on UMTS (3G) power consumption19:50
attahvs. GSM(2G) and as a function of data patterns etc19:50
SellerieOh thats cool19:50
SellerieUMTS is not really relevant anymore as far as I can tell is it?19:51
attahNot rally, although still pretty widely deployed19:51
attahNot really19:51
attahI can't type today19:51
attahBut at least you can get a decent web browsing experience on it, and make proper phone calls19:52
attahwhereas for LTE and GSM you only get either19:52
SellerieI once downloaded some Android games via it :D Got around 10mbit in a quite packed place19:53
Sellerie(it = umts, I was pretty surprised ngl)19:53
attahTechnically it can do like 40 or something in deployments that could actually happen19:54
attahBut yeah, it is mostly irrelevant now19:54
attahThis is the TL;DR, a.k.a. actually good version of my thesis
attahAs summarized by my instructor19:56
SellerieOh that sounds like an interesting read19:56
SellerieOkay, got a little egg-hen problem now :D20:06
SellerieI used a preeetty long password on my Jolla account for the registration that I will not type out on a smartphone keyboard.20:07
SellerieWell in theory I probably can but it will take a few minutes to type it in xD20:07
attahWell, you can connect a physical keyboard20:07
attah...or change the password to something that better reflects how precious that account is20:08
SellerieYou imply that its not? :D20:09
attahwell, not really20:10
attahit is basically your key to the chosen nickname, and a couple of licenses20:10
SellerieOkay, looks like I cannot change the password by proper means.20:11
Sellerie(I cannot see any "account settings" or similar on the jolla website)20:11
attahit's not like anyone could make you pay for things with it20:11
attahYeah.. links to thins are ofteh pretty MIA on that page20:11
SellerieWell imma just use the password reset20:12
SellerieNot that of an elegant solution20:12
attahthere you go20:13
SellerieAlready done resetting the PW :D20:13
SellerieBut thanks, I'll bookmark that20:13
attahHmm, i apparently have 7 devices20:13
SellerieOh no, just logged into the store, what do I see third? Damn aptoide20:17
SellerieGuess I'll never outrun the spirit of Android20:17
attahWell, the Android runtime is a good help for interacting with the rest of society20:18
Sellerie100% agree20:18
attahLike e-ID and mobile payments20:18
SellerieBut Aptoide's definitely not the way to go20:18
SellerieYou mean like Google Pay? o.O20:18
attahNot anymore at least20:18
attahIn my case, "Swish" by the Swedish banking cartel20:19
SellerieWell I could try my bank's app aswell20:19
attahNot counting stores, i have those, Audible, Spotify, Untappd and Trello20:20
attahthat sums up my life surprisingly well20:20
SellerieI am mostly content with F-droid20:22
SellerieUsed it on my Android as a primary source for apps aswell20:23
attahalthough for SFOS the native apps are more likely to replace those, than the few you'd need to get from e.g. Aurora20:24
SellerieSo I just installed F-Droid from the Jolla store. I assumed its in the list of apps on the homescreen but its not?20:25
attahthat's odd...20:25
attahso i assume you have the Android runtime... but is it running?20:26
SellerieThats an excellent question20:26
SellerieI have no idea :p20:26
attah(the Android runtime is installed like an app from store)20:26
attahI assume Android apps are hidden in store if you don't have it20:27
attahsettings for it are towards the end of the regular settings app20:27
SellerieI just searched for "runtime" in the Jolla store but it cant find anything20:27
attahmaybe try Android20:28
attah...and it will only be available if you have a paid license20:28
SellerieWell that will be it20:28
SellerieI am currently on the free trial20:28
attahso explore other stuff fore a bit, and then take the plunge i guess20:29
SellerieI'm trying to make myself home right now20:30
SellerieFound some public transport, weather and keepass app, looks good to me right now20:30
SellerieBummer, no syncthing for me20:31
attahseems to be available from openrepos.org20:33
attahnot familiar with it though20:33
attahoh.. .net20:33
attahThat's where people put up apps that don't conform to the allowed set of APIs etc20:34
attahKinda the F-Droid of SFOS or something20:34
SellerieRather sounds like the AUR of SFOS20:35
attahArch... *shudder*20:35
SellerieYeah same20:36
SellerieBut it exists20:36
attahfortunately, so does better options :)20:36
attahanyway.. i'm off to bed. Nice talking to you, and good luck20:37
Nico[m]Openrepos is pretty awesome, it has a lot of UI patches too :320:40
SellerieOh, attah's gone already :/20:46
SellerieOh, noob question: How do I install an app from openrepos?21:00
Nico[m]Usually you download the Storeman RPM and install that21:00
SellerieI may have seen a "terminal" app earlier. Where has it gone?21:04
SellerieI could be entirely wrong though21:05
SellerieOh, it's back o.O21:08
Nico[m]You need developer mode for the terminal app21:16
SellerieMakes sense21:22
SellerieThanks for all the help so far :)21:31
SellerieI'm also slowly getting used to the UI concept but  I guess it will take a while21:32
Nico[m]I dunno. It was the first smartphone UI I actually used (on the N9), so I can't tell, how hard it is to get used to ;p21:37
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SellerieI see ^^23:04

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