Friday, 2020-05-15

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x2s.oO( so who was working on nheko here again? Is there any reason why all my chat windows are black? But it looks like I can click on things there... )19:33
Nico[m]Well, you're chat windows shouldn't be all black19:34
Nico[m]Is it just the message area?19:35
Nico[m]In that case you maybe didn't install all the required qml modules or you have graphics driver issues19:35
x2sJust the message area and the input field19:36
x2salso it's the debian package from unstable, so others should have the same problem19:37
x2sBut I get a lot of QQuickWidget cannot be used as a native child widget. Consider setting Qt::AA_DontCreateNativeWidgetSiblings (:0, )19:37
Nico[m]Hm, debian unstable already has a recent Nheko?19:37
Nico[m]<x2s "But I get a lot of QQuickWidget "> Oh, that sounds bad19:38
Nico[m]What Qt version do you have on your system then?19:38
Nico[m]Hm. I tried Nheko on debian unstable a few weeks ago and didn't have any issues19:39
Nico[m]But I was running all unstable19:39
Nico[m]Maybe that's the issue?19:39
x2smaybe just a config problem. I haven't tried that yet19:39
Nico[m]I think it may be a dependency issue or so with mixed qt packages or so19:40
x2sWell, I'm on unstable as well, with some things occasionally from experimental. There's Qt 5.14 in experimental, but I'm not going to install that and break everything ;)19:40
x2snope, not the config files19:44
Nico[m]Hm, yeah, not sure about your issue. But I think I heard about it before, we may need to actually set that flag for some systems19:45
Nico[m]What theme/DE do you use? Does it go away, if you change your theme maybe? I think I remember something like that19:46
x2sI'm using Breeze20:03
x2sand yes, switching helped. With fusion it works, with breeze it doesn't20:04
Nico[m]Yeah, that may indeed be an issue, that was reported before and that I forgot about :D20:06
Nico[m]I'll try adding that flag for the next release, if it doesn't break stuff :320:06
altker128Hey guys.  Question here -- is it possible to edit the QML or behavior associated with the minimized app / grid view of running apps?  Basically I'd like to hide certain things from every appearing there and keep somethings permanently there20:39
SellerieCan someone recommend me a usable music player that supports the subsonic protocol? I just uninstalled both I could find on the Jolla store because they are both not-working sadly.22:28
altker128Sellerie: Have you looked into the Android apps ?  I suspect that will be your only potential solution22:36
SellerieWell there are quite some but they dont give proper media controls for example which means that always have to open the app to e.g. toggle play/pause etc which is annoying22:38
Nico[m]What's the subsonic protocol?22:39
SellerieThat's a protocol to stream music e22:39
Nico[m]From the phone or to the phone?22:40
Sellerie Oof the sfos keyboard is alittle small for my hands, bear with me xd22:40
Nico[m]And where does that come from? :D22:40
SellerieTo the phone from e.g. Self hosted servers22:40
Nico[m]Never heard of that protocol before :D22:41
Sellerie"selfhosted spotify" would prolly give it enough justice22:41
SellerieI was able to deploy it anywhere until now - the sfos clients are broken sadly22:42
Nico[m]I always just used dlna or so, but that sounds interesting22:42
SellerieI genuinely wonder how they could ever work tbh22:42
Nico[m]Does lls media player work with it?22:42
SellerieLet me check22:43
SellerieDoesn't look like it22:46
Nico[m]Maybe MisterMagister could add it to Musikilo?22:46
SellerieOh that app that always appears first when searching openrepos for subsonic? xD22:47
Nico[m](I just have all of my music on an SD card, since it's only like 100gb :3)22:47
Nico[m]<Sellerie "Oh that app that always appears "> Yes22:47
SellerieWell I could ask him (mister in name makes me assume that ^^)22:48
SellerieI'm done with doing that, as I have too many devices to keep so decentral music libraries somewhat synced22:49
SellerieHol' up kodi might actually support it - have I reached madness level 2 already?22:51
altker128Why not use an Android Subsonic app?23:26
altker128On SFOS23:26
r0kk3rzhow complicated is it to support?23:27

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