Saturday, 2020-05-16

altker128Question, anyone here familiair with the low-level stuff of Sailfish?01:48
altker128I notice more lag than I'd expect in the UI for running with Wayland, etc01:48
altker128I'd like to help debug / fix that01:49
Nico[m]Do you have framedrops?01:49
Nico[m]Or is it just buffering/input latency?01:49
Nico[m](you can enable a frame overlay in the settings)01:49
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altker128Nico[m]: It's latency for sure.  The device is an Xperia XA2 Plus / highest end model02:16
altker128Nico[m]: Is there code that does low-pass filtering of touch inputs?02:16
Nico[m]I actually have no idea, I'm not familiar with the low level stuffs :302:16
altker128Do you SFOS?02:17
Nico[m]Yes, daily, and I also noticed the latency02:18
Nico[m]But you get used to it after a few years :D02:18
r0kk3rziirc there is a kalman filter on touch eventsw02:28
r0kk3rztheres a tjc about it i think02:28
Selleriealtker128: I miss media control keys or something similar so I don't have to take the phone out of pocket, unlock it,open the app to be able to pause it. Otherwise it works of course06:27
SellerieOh now that you say it: I also always had the feeling that sfos is just not as "snappy" as Android but I mostly blamed slow animations but It's definitely also some input lag of ~1/4-1/3 second if I have to guess.06:33
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attahSellerie: Where do you miss media keys? they do exist...09:16
Sellerieattah: I couldn't spot them for e.g. audinaut. It works fine on my android phone09:43
SellerieWell Media keys inside the app are there of course but I miss a way to control it without unlocking the phone, like e.g. the native music player09:44
attahHmm, okay... most Anroid apps do get lock screen controls though09:44
attahi thought it was a generic solution hooking in to similar functionality in Android, at least foe the apps that didn't roll their own widget thingy09:45
Selleriethey also listen to media key controls if you e.g. hit pause on the Bluetooth headset09:45
attahit doesn't work?09:46
SellerieApparently not09:46
attahI must admit i don't use Android apps that much any more09:47
attahbut i seem to recall it working just fine with Audible and Spotify09:47
SellerieI tried getting Spotify to work yesterday but I couldn't install it09:48
SellerieYou mean the Android app?09:49
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SellerieInteresting, I tried but aliendalvik threw a notification that the app is incompatible09:49
attahAdmittedly i have had mine installed for a year or so09:51
Selleriemight be too new09:51
attahI don't think too new for Android 8 is a thing yet really09:52
Sellerieno idea what the issue is then09:52
attahI just updated to
attahseems fine09:53
attahSpotify version, that is09:53
SellerieI already assumed that from the version number09:53
attahWhere did you get your apk from?09:54
SellerieSpotify updater from fdroid09:54
attahHmm, I simply used Aurora store09:54
Sellerielet me try the same09:55
Sellerieis it possible that the battery consumption of aliendalvik is insanely high?09:58
attahDepends in your definition of insane, but it is certainly noticeable09:58
SellerieThe phone was at 70% battery at ~09:00, had breakfast and didn't touch it at all, now it's a 41%09:58
attahThen something is probably doing a bit too much background work09:59
SellerieWell I have telegram and riot client running in the background09:59
attahAD or otherwise09:59
attahSounds pretty extreme10:00
attahI guess that is technically not correct any more even10:01
attahI'd even call 30% over a day really high for having it on10:01
Selleriewell I'm used to having to charge my Android phone once a day10:02
Nico[m]I usually charge my phone every 2 days. Unless an android app goes rogue and eats my battery10:03
Nico[m]Or a website in my browser10:03
attahI charge every day, for not having to think about it10:04
SellerieOh well I use Firefox within AD so I have a proper adblocker10:04
SellerieThat thing may be a battery water10:04
attahSome days that means at 70%, some at 20%10:04
attahOnly one way to know, try10:04
attahBut i haven't heard that it would be particularly bad10:05
Selleriewell right now lighthouse says that the cpu usage is ~40% with only telegram and riot running in the background10:07
Sellerieoh, 50%10:07
Nico[m]well, that's bad, what's eating the CPU?10:08
SellerieWhen I list processes my cpu usage its... lighthouse with 5%10:09
SellerieThat can't be right. Is LH the way to go for checking such stuff?10:10
Nico[m]Yes, and for me it usually show WA taking 30 to 80% CPU in such cases10:11
Nico[m]Are you sorting by CPU usage?10:11
SellerieBut memory footprint looks just as boring10:11
Nico[m]maybe it stopped?10:12
Selleriewhat do you mean?10:13
Nico[m]The high CPU usage10:13
SellerieOh, no it didn't, the cpu meter is still at 4810:13
Selleriewhat's lipstick?10:19
Nico[m]the compositor10:20
SellerieOk I'd consider that necessary :D10:21
SellerieI stopped the AD service now from the settings but it's still at 48%10:22
SellerieOkay, after a reboot it looks fine again o.O10:26
Nico[m]maybe just reboot at this point?10:26
Nico[m]I'm slow :D10:26
SellerieThat's okay :P10:26
SellerieDoes lighthouse also display root processes?10:27
Nico[m]no idea10:28
SellerieMaybe a root process that went rogue10:28
SellerieAh btw, when I connect my Thinkpad USB-C PD charger to the phone it first says "charging" and then "disconnect the charger from the power outlet to save power" --> wat10:30
SellerieOk I know what kills the battery: As soon as I stop riot the CPU is at 0% :D10:45
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altker128Sellerie: Which device are you using?16:23
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SellerieXperia 1018:09
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SellerieOh, interesting. My device starts up again even though I hit "shutdown". Anyone else experiencing this on Xperia 10?23:10

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