Sunday, 2020-05-17

altker128Sellerie: What's been your experience with SFOS on the X10 BTW?00:39
altker128Sellerie: Do all the basics work like making phone calls, SMS, MMS, etc?00:39
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attahpiggz: you there?09:23
piggzattah: yup10:07
attahi spotted an error, and it is silly10:07
attahmixing mm and dpi is... not fun10:10
attahI pushed a correction just now10:11
piggzattah: "Print filed: unsupported print media"10:14
piggzbetter than no message :)10:15
attahSo even last time it went blank? crap10:15
attahThis one puzzles me though, at least if it is my internal message10:16
attahi'm so stupid10:16
attahi automated only half of the .h file generation10:16
attahbecause, why would i need to redo it?10:16
attahThe input file has some sort of path to the keys, and i forgot to take those out10:19
attahNow it should at least get to your printer again10:19
attahI need to buy a printer10:20
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piggzattah: are you doing all this without a printer??10:28
attahNot quite, but also not far from it10:29
attahI have a old mono laser connected over USB t my computer running CUPS10:29
attahBut honestly that's probably worse than simply having a "PDF printer" shared from CUPS10:30
attahbrb, need to hang laundry10:31
piggzattah: i just pulled and tried again, it spent a long time with a "transferring" page, and eventually failed10:32
piggzill be walking the dog soon, incalse i stop replying!10:34
attahThat paste link doesn't work10:43
piggzgnome paste never works, i need it out of my history!10:49
attahhmm, same error as the first time (from the printer), which should now show up in the notification with the last commit10:51
attahBut i don't know what the printer is trying to tell us10:51
attahi'll do a test print to that specific format and see if i gain any insight, keeping temporary files etc10:52
piggzhow is orientation handled? say, the photo is in landscape, but the paper is installed in portrait?10:53
attahIt assumes paper is always in portrait, and rotates as necessary10:54
piggzok, thats good10:54
attahit's a hack, but should do for most10:55
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attahpiggz: Printing 5x7 to an ipp test printer and viewing the resulting raster file gives me no clues on what could be failing for you12:11
piggzattah: shame12:20
piggzwould a packet cpature help?12:20
attahprobably not... i don't think the file gets cut short, or that there is more response data available12:21
attahi double-checked that the color space setting was supported, and it is12:22
attahi'll diff against some known-good rasters and see if i understand more12:23
piggzattah: while it was "trasnferring" i tried to copy the file from /tmp but it didnt exist12:27
attahneither of them?12:27
attahthe "raw image" will have been deleted, but the resulting full job concatenated into one file should still be around until it either succeeds or fails12:28
piggzattah: ok, got that one12:29
piggzattah: file is 27.7mb12:30
piggzis it any use to you?12:30
attahsounds to be in the right range12:30
piggzoff out for a while12:31
attahokay, take care12:31
attahpiggz: can't really see any unexpected differences in the raster i produced vs the sample... the only remotely relevant-looking difference is that i set TotalPageCount to 0, which means unknown/auto-detect... and the sample has it set to 113:50
piggzattah: no rush, im sure youll think of something14:32
attahprobably eventually... but if you are feeling adventurous, go to ppm2pwg.cpp and set OutHdr.TotalPageCount to 114:34
SellerieIs there a way to reduce input lag?14:34
piggzattah: nope, print failed14:46
piggz[D] unknown:0 - 1280 QJsonObject({"attributes-charset":{"tag":71,"value":"utf-8"},"attributes-natural-language":{"tag":72,"value":"en-us"},"status-message":{"tag":65,"value":"Internal error.(BeginPrintJob)"}}) QJsonArray()14:47
piggz[D] notify:70 - notifyMessage Print failed:14:47
attahOkay, same as before14:48
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Nico[m]You can reduce the input lag by setting a variable somewhere. There is a TJC for it16:21
Nico[m]Sellerie: ^16:21
SellerieWhat's a tjc?18:15
Nico[m]Jolla community18:16
SellerieOh, together.jolla.com18:16
SellerieMakes sense now :)18:16
Nico[m]I was talking about this:
SellerieAh, I will try that18:26
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