Monday, 2020-05-18

altker128Nico[m]: Thanks for the suggestion input lag00:04
Nico[m]Did it work=00:05
altker128Nico[m]: Will try it this afternoon00:06
altker128Nico[m]: I guess the Xperia XA2 doesn't use the Kalman filter?00:11
altker128"Xperia X doesn't use Kalman filter so it doesn't need this patch. Only Inoi R7 and Jolla C/AquaFish uses Kalman filter."00:11
Nico[m]I have no idea :D00:12
altker128I'll open up the RPM and poke around00:15
altker128Maybe this You can disable the introduced touch filtering by removing ":filtered:prediction=16" from LIPSTICK_OPTIONS defined in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf00:15
altker128Anyone have thoughts on always on VPN or VPN via domain?00:47
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OksanaQuestion from #mer: >> unrznbl[m] : I am interested in re-using mms-engine and maybe some other bits, is there any other projects which build mms-engine sort of "by itself" for things like mms-send/mms-dump for just processing raw mms messages? <<02:12
altker128Is it possible to enable root access for the Android apps (AlienDalvik) side?  Tried installing supersu from FDDroid05:26
spiiroinSellerie: xperia 10 reboots instead of shutting down - one potential cause: unmounting /odm partition fails for some reason, final systemd shutdown bits are stuck in retry loop for long time, watchdog reboot06:49
spiiroin... if what you are having is anything like that there would be "umount: /odm: target is busy" like complaints in journal during shutdown06:51
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Selleriespiiroin: I can check that this evening09:22
SellerieBut that would also explain why the time between screen off with only the LED still on and the LED going out aswell takes so long09:23
SellerieSo if I unmount it myself and then shutdown it should work right09:30
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attahSailfishers in Sweden: Xperia 10 is 2000 SEK once again, if you can live with it in blue17:00
Nico[m]Blue is the best color anyway!17:04
ggabrielisn't that quite expensive? :)17:09
attahggabriel: That's about €200... I don't think relevant phones have ever been significantly cheaper than that (in new condition)18:09
ggabrielyeah, fair enough18:10
ggabrielthey've been that price in the UK for a while now, any colour18:11
attahNot unlikely18:11
attahI think i got mine for black friday at that price, which was the first time it dropped that low, and it has happened since, but not often18:13
ggabrielI saw it at roughly that price in gumtree... of course you buy from someone in "new condition, never taken out of the box". it could or could not be real, of course18:14
Nico[m]I've seen a few for 180€ in Germany, but Sweden tends to be a bit more expensive in general in my experience18:17
ggabrielfunnily enough, I got my european n9 from germany as the price was great there18:19
attahYeah, a little higher VAT, a bit smaller market does that18:19
attahA good deal down there will still be a good deal with reasonable shipping18:19
attahHeh, i remember paying 6000 SEK for my N9, 64GB of course18:20
ggabrielwsa there any other model? :D18:20
attahNot even a year later i get a 16GB for work for 250018:20
ggabrielyeah, sad story, and the chinese version was about 50eur cheaper18:21
attahI think it as he first smartphone with 64GB storage over here, narrowly beating the iPhone 4S18:22
attahBut CPU was kinda meh18:22
attah1GB RAM was still good back then18:22
ggabrielstill, dramatically better than any iphone18:22
ggabrielwell, my nokia 5800 was better than my iphone 418:23
ggabrielthose were the days :)18:23
Nico[m]1GB RAM was pretty amazing18:23
Nico[m]Even now, I still only have 3gb18:23
attahBut now that's kinda shit tbh18:24
attahand same here18:24
Nico[m]Nah, I think the biggest issue is just the web. You can still fit a ton of stuff in 1gb18:24
attahBut web developers and browser makers aren't changing, so i guess we'll need to buy some more ram :/18:25
ggabrieluhm... I'd rather a world with fewer "apps" and more web and ram than the world we live in now18:26
ggabriele.g., you shouldn't need an "app" to book a taxi18:26
attahYeah, there are way too many things that think they need apps18:26
ggabrielapps are great to siphon information though18:27
ggabrielI mean they're great for performance ;)18:27
Nico[m]Well, most websites are horrible though. I much prefer Quickddit to reddit18:27
attahYeah, i don't know what they are thinking, believing those bloated "mobile" frameworks are good websites18:28
ggabrielif they invested all the effort of writing an app to enhancing the web experience, things whould be better (and features would come out faster)18:28
attahQuite often, even advanced pages are lighter on the desktop version18:28
Nico[m]And those cookie dialogs usually slow most sites to a crawl18:29
ggabrielthere's a solution for the cookie dialogs18:29
ggabrieljust don't track people, then you don't need the cookies :D18:29
Nico[m]Well, that doesn't seem to be an option for most companies. How would they make money otherwise? :D18:30
attahThey should make the DNT header count as "i opt out, don't bother me"18:30
ggabrielhehe, by selling high quality goods and services?18:30
attahMaybe the EU will "rediscover" it18:30
attahBack in my day there used to be relevant still image ads18:31
ggabrielwell, back to reality, a lot of products out there use cookies for basic things like sign on18:31
ggabrielOTOH, there are some cookie dialongs that are actually functional and fast on mobile18:32
attahAnd they shouldn't have to ask for login cookies18:32
Nico[m]Yes, I saw 2 of those!18:32
attahI have yet to see one18:32
Nico[m]And you don't need to ask permission for login cookies, just when they are used to track you18:33
attahSome sites beg to differ18:33
attahI.e. login does nothing until you accept cookies18:33
ggabrielthat may be true, but most people err on the safe side and ask for permission anyway just in case18:33
Nico[m]No, they just use the cookies not just for login18:33
altker128Hey guys, I'm trying to run AFWall to firewall my Android apps but getting issues about the 'su' executable.  Has anyone tried to use root inconjunction with Android apps?  Note:  I want to firewall Android apps, not SFOS specifically20:24
altker128As I understand it, the Android apps are running inside an LXC container20:24
r0kk3rzaltker128: there is no su on sfos23:00
altker128r0kk3rz: I have the su binary, I intend to use it on the Android side (not on the SFOS/Linux side)23:08
altker128r0kk3rz: Have you ever attempted anything like this?23:08
r0kk3rzbut in theory you can put it in the right place in the container23:08

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