Tuesday, 2020-05-19

altker128r0kk3rz: Yeah, I will try that00:19
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frojndHi there..07:11
frojndDoes Sailfish have any native talking apps that support proper encryption like Signal?07:12
frojndI use Signal on my phone but that means I have to run Android support and I would like to ditch that alltogether... and besides Signal on SailfishOS is very bad I can only chat no talking07:13
ninewisefrojnd, there's an unmaintained signal client, iirc07:13
frojndYeah.. not an option.. it has to be up to date since crooks are always looking for voulnerabilities in apps..07:13
frojndI just realised that I can't make a secure voice call :/07:14
r0kk3rzin general the signal folks dont like third-party apps07:30
r0kk3rzim not sure anything does encrypted voice calls07:31
frojndroboro: I heard yah about not wanting 3rd party apps which is a shame.07:39
frojndMaybe they will make some sort of matrix app at librem07:39
frojndat purism07:41
frojndlibrem is a phone I believe07:42
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r0kk3rzthey were08:23
r0kk3rzno idea whats happening with that project as of late08:23
r0kk3rzbut it'll be a gtk app, which doesnt really help anyone on sfos08:24
frojndA shame08:35
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SellerieNico[m]: I was just able to check the option that was mentioned in the TJC thread you linked regarding the input lag, but the option is not mentioned in the file anymore, so I assume that the advice is outdated :/13:25
Nico[m]Could be13:33
johansmitsnlI'm having touch issues with experia 10 plus. It sometimes stops responding completely on touch. When i lock and unlock it works again and i have it while scrolling a lot through a webpage for example. It looks like it is waiting for gesture input? Unable to identify. Any known issues or suggestions?21:39
johansmitsnlBut i don't think it is hardware though because waiting a while also touch comes back again21:41

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