Thursday, 2020-05-21

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atlochowskiI'm trying to make RTC wakeup works on Jolla C. Due to this thread it should work on Jolla C.10:00
atlochowskiI think the problem is wrong RTC time on device. output of cat /proc/driver/rtc :10:00
atlochowskirtc_time        : 12:02:56rtc_date        : 1970-02-19alrm_time       : 12:03:18alrm_date       : 1970-02-19alarm_IRQ       : yesalrm_pending    : noupdate IRQ enabled      : noperiodic IRQ enabled    : noperiodic IRQ frequency  : 1max user IRQ frequency  : 6424hr            : yes10:00
atlochowskiMy problem is how to set RTC clock to current date.10:00
atlochowski[root@Sailfish nemo]# hwclock --verbose10:01
atlochowskihwclock from util-linux 2.33System Time: 1590055024.316127Trying to open: /dev/rtc0No usable clock interface found.hwclock: Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.10:01
atlochowskiand [root@Sailfish nemo]# timedatectlbash: timedatectl: command not found10:01
atlochowskiany idea how to set RTC time to current date?10:01
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KabouikDoes anyone know if there is a way to trick Android apps run using AD into thinking they are NOT minimized?19:19
KabouikOne of the key features of SFOS is minimized apps are not frozen. I even remember Jolla communicating about covers still playing videos in native players.19:19
KabouikAndroid apps keep stopping what they were doing when minimized (any video app will pause or mute sound, TeamViewer will mute sound, etc.)19:20

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