Friday, 2020-05-22

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spiiroinatlochowski is gone, but... "hwclock" fails because dsme has /dev/rtc0 opened from bootup to shutdown (=as expected). while rtc tod can't be set in jolla c -> rtc wakeup can still be programmed in "X seconds from whatever rtc thinks current time is" i.e. rtc alarms work in l500d / jolla c -> nothing to do there05:08
spiiroinand roughly the same applies to system time vs rtc time: rtc time can't be set -> store rct time vs system time delta in fs -> system time at bootup = rtc time + delta from fs05:10
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Kabouikkimmoli, I've come across your answer here long ago where you said that compose (and therefore dead keys) do not work in SFOS:
KabouikDeadkeys work in AlienDalvik when using an us-intl layout (which requires another application, the default Remote Keyboard for hardware input does not seem to work with anything else than basic us)13:19
KabouikDeadkeys work too in ubu-chroot or lxc-containers running Debian, and those are taking their layout from `/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols` in the SFOS filesystem13:19
KabouikI'm wondering if you would know if there has been any progress regarding compose and dead keys in SFOS13:20
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SellerieI am currently fiddling around with sailfish's pulseaudio, but I'm not getting the results I am aiming for right now, because I dont really understand what is happening "behind the scenes" exactly. Is someone able to help me a bit regarding the sinks and stuff?18:33
SellerieI am used to fiddling around with pulse on my usual day2day Linux distro but SFOS does seem to handle the stuff a little different hence why I'm asking18:35
SellerieNevermind I figured out what I have to do to make it work, but it looks like I found a bug :D19:20
SellerieWhere do I file one?19:21
attahSellerie: TJC19:28
SellerieI build a binary and would like to package it and throw it onto openrepos. Is there some kinda tutorial for dummies?19:36
Nico[m]You basically need to build an rpm, not sure, if there are any easy tutorials19:37
Nico[m]This may work as a start?
SellerieWell I created an account on openrepos already and it lists some zypper commands19:39
SellerieI assume that I'll need the package manager zypper for that19:40
Nico[m]Yeah, but you need the rpm first probably :D19:42
SellerieMakes sense ^^20:09
SellerieNico[m]: The guide is specifically for native apps right? Well I am trying to make a package for a CLI-application20:22
Nico[m]Well, the rpm packaging also applies to command line applications, you just don't submit it to harbour20:26
SellerieOh I see21:04
ThaodanAny idea what I could do wrong that zypper doesn't show all pkgs?23:48
ThaodanIt says an pkg is not an repo but it is23:48
Nico[m]Did you zypper refresh?23:51
Nico[m]Then no :D23:51

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