Saturday, 2020-05-23

Thaodanit was my fault my zypp.conf was somehow wrong00:00
Thaodanmounted up the stock image and fixed it00:00
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Selleriewhere do I get zypper for sfos? :o07:15
SellerieCouldn't find it in openrepos and doesn't seem to be preinstalled either, that's why I'm asking07:18
Nico[m]pkcon install zypper08:27
abransonSellerie: it's in the jolla repos, but not installed by default08:40
abransonlibzypp is used as a backend for PackageKit instead08:41
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Sellerieabranson: You're not talking about right?18:35
abransonSellerie: no, the Jolla repos that all the other packages come from18:38
SellerieWill check this out later18:42
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louisdkDoes anThe black thing in the lower right of the Jolla Tablet in this picture: - is that a cmos battery?20:29
attahlouisdk: can't see anything looking like a cmos battery, but i'm also not sure what you are looking at21:00
AnaskoI have noticed Koronako, a Bluetooth-tracking app for COVID-19, in OpenRepos. And I am wondering whether it is at all compatible with opentracer from Singapore?21:36
AnaskoSee vs

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