Friday, 2020-05-29

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altker128Hey guys.  Could I trouble someone to build fnotify or inotifywait for a Sailfish 3.x device?08:16
altker128There's a bug in the latest Sailfish where it enables IPV6 for Data APN even if that's disabled and it's hosing up my MMS.  connman is getting the configuration via DBUS so I can't override it08:18
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KabouikI'm trying to help a developer port an app to SFOS, I'm doing the testing because he has no SFOS device11:42
KabouikIt's a pure Wayland terminal. We managd to get the app running and showing on SFOS, but we're stuck trying to force it into landscape mode. So far we can make it fill the screen as it should, but the text in the app is always orientated sideways as if the phone was helt in portrait mode11:43
KabouikBut the app really needs landscape. Any ideas where we can find documentation on that?11:43
KabouikWe were thinking about forcing landscape instead of enabling autorotation, since the app can't really be used in portrait anyway11:45
yofuhVariant Also Negotiates?12:41
altker128Any help with inotify or fswait?19:29
KabouikWhat is the best way to rotate a non-qt app to landscape on SFOS? We found ways to rotate the OS when the app is launched, but the app itself still shows in portrait mode (relative to the screen ratio)22:15
KabouikLooking for ways to do it on the compositor side22:16
malhow does the app draw to the screen=22:31
r0kk3rzstraight into the buffer i think, so they might have to do manual translation23:07
malok, it would be nice to able to get correctly oriented buffer from somewhere in sfos but not possible now23:47
malI had similar issue on some sdl app23:47

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