Thursday, 2020-05-28

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KabouikHow do I register in if I want to report bugs? There's only a sign-in option that requires an LDAP11:17
Kabouik^ lbt11:18
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bionade24Kabouik: You have to contact lbt, he creates them manually.11:54
KabouikI realized later yes bionade24, thanks, I highlighted him11:54
bionade24Kabouik: You could already write your username here, so that lbt doesn't need to ask. They now want to merge those account systems for more than a year12:02
KabouikIt's Kabouik on TJC and account.jolla.com12:02
lbtI need an email too :)12:03
KabouikI cannot install python3-gobject-devel, zypper says that nothing provides python3-gobject-codegen16:25
KabouikIs there any solution to that? python3-gobject is in Jolla repo, it seems weird that it has unmet dependencies16:26
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malKabouik: where do you need that package?16:31
KabouikI'm trying to build this mal:
KabouikI did and it works, but I'm missing features because python-gobject is a facultivative dependency for MPRIS support16:32
maldoes it need the devel package?16:34
KabouikI'm not sure actually, I always assume that building requires the -devel package but that may be totally wrong16:36
KabouikWhat I can say is python3-gobject is installed, as well as dbus-python3 and dbus-python3-devel and I still get no MPRIS support whem compiling lyvi16:36
KabouikAt the end of the build, lyvi's setup says: Finished processing dependencies for Lyvi===2.0-git16:37
KabouikTo enable MPRIS support, please make sure to have python-dbus and python-gobject modules installed.16:37
malKabouik: python packages are a bit differnt that normal packages17:00
malKabouik: based on how I understand that it will always print that line17:01
KabouikRight, so maybe the dependencies are met to compile with MPRIS support17:02
malI think those might be ok17:03
KabouikAnd perhaps I don't see the player controls because of some Fingerterm limitation? However I don't see them in Konsole flatpak either, which should support modern terminal features17:03
KabouikSame from SSH17:03
Kabouik(Flatpak Konsole is on device directly)17:03
attahjaaay, segfault in buildig in the SDK17:43
attahcool, sfdk to the rescue17:52

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