Sunday, 2020-05-31

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altker128Hey guys.  I'm on SFOS ; I just installed F-Droid from the Jolla app store but it keeps telling me no Internet connection.  Same for Nokia HERE.  Phone is on WiFi and I flushed all iptables rules / ip6tables rules and have allowed all traffic.  What might possibly be the problem?11:59
altker128Browser works and the Jolla side of the phone works perfectly for internet11:59
altker128XA2 Dual Plus Sim11:59
Nico[m]Did you try restarting it?11:59
altker128Nico[m]: Many times12:01
altker128Nico[m]: When I had it on 3.3 Android app stuff / HERE / F-Droid worked fine12:01
altker128To be clear, on the Jolla side, app store, Browser, all of that works perfectly12:01
altker128I'm ssh'd in and made sure all firewall rules are clear as bell12:01
altker128Is there some lxc bridging network rule that's missing?12:02
Nico[m]I know that sometimes the network state could get stuck, but I didn't have that happen on 3.3 yet12:02
Nico[m](For the android side)12:02
altker128I'm thinking it's an LXC issue12:02
altker128F-Droid should "just work"12:02
Nico[m]Did you manually mess with the iptables configuration?12:02
altker128Yes, I did setup my own firewall rules, but as I said all of that is flushed12:04
AnaskoI Am Tired. I want to copy passwords from old logins.json to new one. Such an action breaks fragile auto-fill-in capability of sailfish-browser.12:04
AnaskoSo, I go and sic onto the logins.json files.12:05
Nico[m]altker128: I'm pretty sure that there are some iptable rules to make networking work on Android, I hope you didn't break them12:06
AnaskoIt can decode the new logins.json file, no problem... But not the old one! Claims it has a Master Password.12:06
altker128I saved all the connman files12:06
altker128so I can restore them12:06
altker128I don't see anything specifically about android in the connman files12:06
Nico[m]I don't think the rules are in connman12:07
AnaskoBut, sailfish-browser doesn't have any Master Password!12:07
altker128Nico[m]: Where else would they be?12:07
AnaskoNever did12:07
Nico[m]You usually need some iptable rules for lxc containers to get networking12:07
altker128Depends if it's bridged mode or NAT12:08
altker128I don't see any bridged network devices for the LXC stuff12:08
altker128Can you SSH in and check if you see anything special LXC wise or iptables wise?12:09
Nico[m]I don't have a device, that uses LXC for android12:10
altker128Uhh, do you use SFOS?12:11
Nico[m]Yes, but I'm still on an Xperia X, which uses the old aliendalvik12:12
malaltker128: why still on
Krikkethey changed a lot of the network stuff after 3.1 I think12:22
altker128mal: Well in 3.3 something broke with connman and APN settings12:22
altker128mal: Basically even if you tell it don't use IPV6 for data APN, connman still gets a DBUS command that has it use IPV612:23
malin what kind of situation does that happen?12:24
altker128mal: Well in a "normal" situation I would say12:24
altker128I use TMobile and IPV6 for MMS and IPV4 for rmnet_data012:24
altker128on 3.1 SFOS properly does this12:24
altker128on 3.3 not so much12:24
altker128It might be specific to the XA2 Dual Sim version12:24
malI doubt that is device specific12:25
altker128I noticed in the /home/.system/var/connman there were NOT entries for the celluar and MMS APNs12:25
altker128I have sitting next to me a XA2 non-dual SIM12:25
altker128and it's home/.system/var/connman has entries for both data and MMS12:25
malis it 3.3.0 that is broken or also 3.2.0 and 3.2.1?12:25
altker128I didn't try 3.2 or 3.2.1 ; I have 3.1 files I downloaded and 3.312:26
altker128To summarize:  DualSim does NOT have entries for both data and MMS in the "hidden" connman folder, but SingleSim does.  They are both now running identical 3.112:27
altker128mal: Any thoughts on why the Android subsystem doesn't have network connectivity/12:28
altker128OK, I may have fixed it by restoring connman's firewall rules12:29
altker128Yes, working now...12:33
malthere has been quite a lot of changes to the android app support since 3.1.012:33
altker128mal: I found 3.3 had slow UI :/12:34
malin normal use?12:34
altker128Fresh from install12:34
altker1283.1 feels more responsive12:34
altker128I mean SFOS side12:34
altker128Android app responsiveness was quite disappointing in 3.312:34
altker128i.e panning maps in Nokia HERE was really slow12:35
altker128I found some odd delays with sending MMS on 3.3 , that I *THINK* was due to the IPV6 stuff.  MMS has still not been perfect on 3.1 but more reliable12:36
altker128I notice the XA2 device seems faster with MMS/SMS than the XA2 Plus dual-SIM.  They are on the same network , family plan and both sitting next to me, so there is no difference in the cell provider12:37
malI have tested MMS only few times so no idea if how fast it should be12:38
altker128XA2 is fast, like < 8 seconds to send one of the stock SFOS photos, XA2 Plus, half-as fast, exact same settings, same OS, same config, same network, same location12:39
altker128It's acceptable but bizarre12:39
altker128based on my experience I wouldn't reccomend a dual-SIM device12:39
altker128(on SFOS)12:39
malis the image size the same on those devices?12:39
malor do you mean the sample images on the device?12:40
altker128the sample images12:41
altker128The stock photos12:41
altker128Panning around in Nokia HERE on 3.1 seems more reasonable than on 3.312:43
altker128Not by a lot but it feels like it's different12:43
altker128GPS worked fine on 3.1 and 3.312:43
altker128In fact, GPS locked quite quickly which was a relief, that has been an issue off and on with various phones I've had12:45
altker128OK, so the Android/networking needs some of those unprivledged connman rules12:47
malnot sure what the connman settings should have but the files have moves a bit in 3.3.013:05
malto /home/.system/var/lib/connman13:05
altker128Well, on the XA2 non-dual SIM there are entries in the connman folder (under home) for both the celluar ('data') and MMS APN which are rmnet_data0 and rmnet_data113:06
altker128On the XA2 dual-SIM it does NOT create two entries which is odd13:07
altker128Even with the exact same SFOS version13:07
malquite difficult to debug when I don't have such an old installation on any device13:08
altker1283.3 behaves the same on the XA2 Plus dual-SIM13:09
altker128That is to say, there are NOT multiple entries for celluar and MMS which seems 'odd'.  And 3.3 does NOT keep IPV6 turned off even if you tell it IPV4 only for the data .  That is a bug13:11
altker128You can see in the connman file that gets created, IPv6 keeps getting set to 'auto'13:11
altker128I even edited the file and chattr +i on it, but it makes no difference, I conclused the GUI is using DBUS to communicate with connman13:11
malin which file does it have those?13:13
altker128Give me a few and I can SSH in13:14
altker128if you do an ls in the connman folder, there is an entry for the celluar APN with some long UUID like string13:15
altker128Inside there is a file called 'settings'13:15
altker128and it shows the ipv4/ipv6 settings, the IP, etc13:15
malso what is missing?13:19
altker128On the XA2 Plus a second entry for the MMS APN13:25
altker128*XA2+ Dual-Sim13:25
altker128On the XA2 there are two entries, one for celluar data and one for MMS (also ones for wifi)13:25
altker128And I said, on 3.3, the 'system' does not properly honor disabling IPV6 for interfaces, even if you specifically tell it13:29
altker128I am surprised in 3.3 you can't still attach a photo from within the SMS app.  That seems like a major oversight13:46
altker128And secondly if you want to send multiple photos have the SMS app do the work of queuing up the requests13:46
johansmitsnl any ideas on how to debug this to see if it hardware or software?14:23
malaltker128: check /var/lib/ofono/14:28
malaltker128: that seems to contain the different settings for mms and data etc14:31
altker128I'll take a look there14:38
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pawhat battery do i need for Jolla1?16:41
attahdon't blame me if it goes poof16:54
attahJust remembered i own one of those batteries, but never really used it...16:58
attahSeems that was what my J1 needed to turn on16:58
attahpa: Seems i have this one
paim tempted to get one17:05
paand use it, and put the original one to rest17:05
attahI'd get a faster phone... but for my needs of just checking some app scaling and performance... it does the trick it seems17:06
pait seems to still work alright17:07
paof course i, like most, wonder if we will ever see a Qt upgrade on the system17:08
pawill it ever make it to 5.15?17:08
attahsupposedly the upgrade is in the works, but that can take quite some time17:09
attahIf they plan on staying in business, which the seem to do, they need to do something sooner or later17:09
pahopefully, 5.9/12/15 are all pretty similar17:09
paso it should be simpler than the switch from 5.617:09
attahdidn't they already have a mostly-done uplift to whatever is next?17:10
attahthat just started to rot a bit because licensing was a consideration at the time17:10
paah probably that17:39
pameaning then it's stuck on 5.617:39
paulvtaltker128: I sometimes also have that "Android" doesn't seem to see internet connections while Sailfish OS does, reboot solves it for me (unfotrunately)18:55
ichimaruWith lipstick, in order to get landscape orientation, does the client app have to rotate all it's rendering? Or is it possible for the compositor to do the transform while the client renders as normal?21:47

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