Monday, 2020-06-01

r0kk3rzichimaru: i dont think so, but the lipstick code is here if you want a closer look
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ichimarur0kk3rz: ty08:35
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attaho/ piggz19:13
piggzlo attah19:16
attahAny success printing since last?19:16
attahI finally bought one to play with...19:16
piggzone nmoment ... ive been meaing to try.....19:16
piggzwhat did you get?19:17
attahI have a weak spot for OKI, so i got their entry-level color laser, c33219:17
attahat €200, i might just as well, was my reasoning19:18
attahbut holy sh*t, it is big19:19
piggz+#include <QImage>19:23
piggz+#include <QPainter>19:23
attahlooks like recent fixes :P19:23
piggz[D] unknown:0 - 1280 QJsonObject({"attributes-charset":{"tag":71,"value":"utf-8"},"attributes-natural-language":{"tag":72,"value":"en-us"},"status-message":{"tag":65,"value":"Internal error.(BeginPrintJob)"}}) QJsonArray()19:23
piggz[D] notify:70 - notifyMessage Print failed: Unknown19:23
attahAre you by any chance using an asymmetric resolution?19:25
piggzno, 600x60019:25
attahhmm, i just saw that it wasn't done properly for images, when printing in fruity format19:26
attahBut if i recall correctly, your printer had proper PWG support too19:26
piggzkeep thinking :)19:27
attahCan you try forcing it to fruity format?19:27
attahI.e. changing some code in IppPrinter, ca line 31619:28
attahset target to UrfConvert19:28
piggzattah: same, unknown error19:54
attahcrap :(19:54
attahMy printer seems pretty happy, except that it is super slow at transferring19:55
attahpiggz: at least maybe now the error message will show in the notification20:07
attah(pushed some more stuff)20:07

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