Wednesday, 2020-06-03

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OksanaWhich device...03:18
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attahWow, printers are buggy18:23
Nico[m]Yes, they have always been the worst component of computers18:23
attahWhat did i get myself into?18:25
Nico[m]Good luck? :D18:25
attahI'm thinking of my now-cluster-F app SeaPrint18:26
abransoni was shocked to find out the other day that postscript is based on Forth19:15
abransonwith data structures like Lisp19:16
attahdid not know that19:16
abransonseems pretty apt for the mess that is printing to try to fix itself so esoterically19:16
attahwere those languages really that esoteric in the pre-C world?19:17
abransondid it go through an XML phase before getting to this json thing19:17
abransonforth was always a bit of a hipster language iirc. i remember a home computer called the Jupiter Ace?19:17
attahhmm, xml/json? my app, or the evolution of remote printing in general?19:18
abransonremote printing. all that json comes from the printers, doesn't it?19:18
attahmy codec19:18
attahIPP is binay-ish19:18
abransonoh right! careful trying to introduce sense into it. you'll be on HP's hit list.19:19
attahi had to make my own binary handling lb for C++ first, before i could pull it off19:20
abransonserved with a legal order to translate everything to haskell before people manage to understand what's going on19:20
attah...aaand we're back... computer decided to freeze19:24
attahabranson: i was just going to say my day job is Erlang, so i could probably pull of something simple in Haskell19:24
abransonglad i didn't say Erlang then :D19:25
attahhehe, i'm used to it19:25
attahFunctional programming has its upsides, but if it wasn't for the threading model, binary handling etc, i'd not be as sold on it being useful19:26
attahI had to make my own Erlang-imitation binary handling lib for C++ before i could get IPP working well19:28
abransonwell if that's what floats your boat :D19:31
attahI honestly don't understand how people manage to do serialized protocols and interacting with another endianness without it19:32
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