Thursday, 2020-06-04

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KabouikAnyone experienced with rpm packaging? I had a package that required just two dependencies14:40
KabouikI am trying to update it to include a plugin14:40
KabouikI didn't add any new dependencies in "Requires:" in the spec file14:41
KabouikAnd yet now installing the new .rpm through zypper or pkcon requires installing about 12 perl packages14:41
KabouikI guess rpmbuild autodetected new dependencies?14:42
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attahFinally getting somewhere with interfacing with format conversions...
x2sI'm wondering, and I guess you've got that question already, would it be possible to use cups for this?19:47
attahit would... but it is also the only thing it does that actually helps in the slightest19:48
attahfor everything else it is a hindrance19:48
attahIf you by this, mean format conversions19:50
attahIf you mean printing in general, the app is basically a CUPS frontend (sans printer setup, plus format conversions), but it has the possibility of fronting anything that speaks IPP, and multiple instances19:55
x2sAh, ok20:16
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