Friday, 2020-06-05

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ViGeattah: Trying to print with the "Auto-sense" Transfer format resulted in "Print failed: Unsupported target format"04:31
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attahpiggz: so you could convince the printer to print on 5x7 when using the A4 setting?16:52
piggzattah: no, maybe i didnt make it clear .... on A4 setting, the printer asked for A4 paper17:08
piggzon 5x7 setting, it jus sisnt print17:08
attahinteresting... and they are fed from the same tray?17:08
piggzattah: yes17:12
piggzattah: when you insert the tray, the printer askes fo rthe paper size inserted17:13
attahonce again i got nothing :)17:14
attahi did just expose the tray setting, but that shouldn't help then17:14
attahmaybe i screwed up the paper size communication... but i don't see it17:14
attahAnd i'm pretty interested in a log for your jpeg attempts17:15
attahbut i have a long alundry list of fixes to do still, so no stress17:15
piggzattah: is there no debugging that could be added to the printer comms to help indicate the failure/17:52
attahI believe everything is already printed17:54
attahi.e. both operation and job attributes returned17:54

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