Saturday, 2020-06-06

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SphinxHello, anybody around that wouldn't mind testing an android app for me to see if it runs properly please?09:01
r0kk3rzwhat app?09:05
Sphinxthe app...
SphinxI'm wondering if it launches properly, on android it's telling me it needs to be installed from the Google Play store... I'm considering switching to Sailfish but I want that app... :)09:09
SphinxI can double tap on it on Android and it still launches, but it's just annoying09:11
r0kk3rzwhat device were you going to get?09:12
Sphinxprobably xperia 1009:12
r0kk3rzthat app should work09:15
r0kk3rzsailfish doesnt come with google play out of the box though09:16
Sphinxyeah I know, that's why I was wondering about if it would run or not..09:17
SphinxI don't want Google Play if I switch to Sailfish, just want to make sure the app will run09:17
Ingvixis it so that you can't move your sailfishx license to another account? There's somewhat mixed reports on tjc09:31
ggabrielIngvix: don't quote me on this, but I think the licence is for you only - so moving to another account doesn't make sense09:34
r0kk3rzi dont think they're intended to be resold no09:35
ggabrielIngvix: fwiw, you can read the licence agreement before you buy to confirm this09:36
Ingvixso I figured09:43
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attahMy nickname is attah, and i have a printer problem.14:24
Nico[m]Well, your first mistake was getting a printer, probably14:24
attahpossibly :) I have another one on the way now14:25
attahAnother 20+ kg color laser14:25
Nico[m]Oh god14:26
attahAt €60 i thought i might just as well..14:30
Nico[m]That's how they get you!14:31
ggabrielattah: I suspect this is the wrong channel, unless you ordered a sfos device with that printer14:31
attah...or I'm making a printing app for SFOS14:32
attahdon't be so quick to whine on people14:33
* ggabriel rarely whines14:34
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attahpiggz: scary thought... does *explicitly* selecting A4 fail the printout, whereas leaving it as a default choice doesn't?16:16
piggzattah: so, ive explicitly selected a4, and urf conversion....16:18
attahokay :/ i just had some run-ins with urf, where the printer wouldn't take the job if certain attributes were present in ipp level, even if the equivalent attributes within the raster itself agreed16:20
attahalthough, paper size was not one of them, for me, for now16:20
piggzattah: it sent the job, but the printer rejected it, i think because the sent format was Letter16:22
attahis its default choice letter?16:22
piggzno, default is A416:24
attahokay, so it seems to like the ipp attribute16:24
attahbut dislike something else16:24
piggzattah: yeah, i double checked ... selected A4 and it rejected the job thinking id set letter16:27
attahwait, are you saying an explicit choice of A4 makes the printer think you said letter?16:28
piggzattah: yes16:29
piggzprinter displays a dialog asking to change the paper to letter16:29
piggzattah: however, selecting 5x7 displays no such dialog on the printer, it just transfers and fails16:31
attahmaybe i screwed up16:31
attahanyway... need to tend to the kitchen16:31
attahthanks for the info16:31
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