Sunday, 2020-06-07

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attahSo ContextMenus that have more choices than can fit on the screen are known to or supposed to be not fully usable?09:51
attahOr should i suspect i messed something up?09:51
Nico[m]Context menus shouldn't have more than 3 entries usually. I think that is stated in the docs somewhere, but maybe I'm confusing something11:19
attahNico[m]: I have heard that for pulley menus... but maybe it is the same here11:35
attahThe problem i have is populating them dynamically from printer options11:36
Nico[m]Usually you open a separate page for a long list of settings that is scrollable. Not sure, if that is built in for comboboxes or if apps need to implement that themselves, but the browser does that for example11:38
attahYeah, i made my own such thing... just feels like a kludge11:39
attahempirical testing said 8 items is the limit11:39
Nico[m]That may be the limit on your screen, but I think mine is a bit smaller :D11:40
Nico[m]Especially, if one sets large fonts11:40
attahI tested on my J111:40
attahalthough not with large font11:40
Nico[m]Oh, that may be about the same size11:40
attahAnd it seems to be roughly ok for landscape... so those landscape-patchers might even have a chance11:41
attah(on modern options)11:41
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