Wednesday, 2020-06-10

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byte_meHey. Has anyone managed to get bolt or uber up and running without google services?03:57
r0kk3rzid expect not, do they work without gapps on lineage os?05:07
byte_mer0kk3rz: I am afraid I have to have gapps07:51
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attahGod, this is embarrassing... the version of SeaPrint i released runs in to an assert that i can't see how i didn't catch before17:45
piggzattah: im trying to debug seaprint with my printer atm19:52
attahcurrent release has a bug with URF, so check github for a fixed rpm19:52
attahor you are in the IDE already perhaps?19:53
attahpiggz: throw me a log and i can try to stare it down too19:56
piggzattah: im first testing with ipptool to see if i can send using that from pc....20:02
piggzive also been reading the ipp specs20:02
attahi'd imagine it is is in the raster still somehow, as you barely have any ipp attributes in the job you are trying, right?20:04
attahI assume you have seen the pgm/ppm-to-raster converter is available separately
piggzattah: yeah, im trying to send as jpeg without conversion atm20:07
attahmaybe sniff what CUPS does too?20:07
attahunfortunately it seems fond of different ipp semantics than just shipping the file20:08
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piggzattah: great news ....20:47
piggzwith ipptool, im able to both print on a 5x7 and get it to fail with the same error i get with seaprint20:48
attahaaand the significant difference is?20:48
piggzthis fails:20:48
piggzGROUP job-attributes-tag20:49
piggz      ATTR keyword media na_5x7_5x7in20:49
piggzie, the media tag you use20:49
attahto be fair, i get it from what the printer says it supports, but ok20:49
piggzand this works:20:51
piggzGROUP job-attributes-tag20:51
piggz      ATTR collection media-col {20:51
piggzMEMBER collection media-size {20:51
piggz# 4x620:51
piggzMEMBER integer x-dimension 1270020:51
piggzMEMBER integer y-dimension 1778020:51
piggzattah: 2540 = 1inch20:53
attahhmmm, i need to read up on what media-col even is20:54
attahhave you tried with both media and media-col?20:55
piggzattah: the weird thing is ipptool exits with "unsupported media-col"20:57
attahmy new printer claims to no support the document-format attribute, but it is actually needed to get jpegs to print correctly20:58
attahit even returns it as an unsupported attribute20:58
attahmaybe that is what your printer told ipptool too20:58
attahpiggz: I'm off to bed... thanks for the info, i've noted to look in to it21:03

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