Thursday, 2020-06-11

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piggzlo attah15:25
attahwhat a complete garbage syntax and concept these collections are :(15:27
piggzattah: ha, i know, ive been working on, but ive a learning curve! and theyre recursive15:29
attahworking on as in messing with IppMsg in SeaPrint?15:29
attahcool, will be interesting to see15:30
piggzsee table 5 in
piggznot sure if ill do it tonight tho15:30
attahYeah, that's basically what i was looking at15:31
attahI will go afk for about 3h or so15:31
attahbut seems i should check with you before going to deep down that rabbit hole myself15:31
piggzattah: feel freet o go deep, i suspect you can do it faster then myself, you know the codebase15:39
piggzi dont mind wasting some time15:39
piggzand it will help with debugging ater if you get an implementation15:39
attahpiggz: I see i need to rework the array handling before doing anything with collections... (haven't started though)20:05
piggzattah: aye, its complicated!20:09
piggzthought i had it, but didnt handle member attributes20:09
attahand i was mad at the arrays aka 1-SetOf already20:10
attahi so wish i could do this in Erlang20:10
attahmaybe i should, to get the algorithm down20:12
attahThe current level off decoding took me about 2 hours in Erlang... and when i had it barely working after 2 days in C++, i went back to the drawing board and made Bytestream20:15
attahpiggz: "The client MUST NOT supply both the "media" and the "media-col" Job Template attributes in a Job Creation request.", well, crap20:27
attahBut also: "However, if a Printer supports the "media-col" attribute, it MUST also support the "media" attribute."20:28
piggzattah: odd how the media tag isnt working for me then20:33
piggzand the printer doesnt care if i supplyboth20:33
attahYeah, odd indeed20:33
attahalthough for the latter case spec says printer may choose one and go with it20:34
attahit is just client error20:34
piggzattah: libcups has functions for this20:34
attahbut up until now its api was just as bad as actual IPP20:35

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