Friday, 2020-06-12

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attahpiggz: Your collection representation looks promising... i'll tackle decode later today and see if it holds up14:47
piggzattah: thx .... i also not that decoding my printer responses doesnt work14:59
piggzattah: ive been able to print regular and borderless photos15:00
attahdo send a log of those failures15:01
attahnice, so the goal is achievable at least, just need to package it neatly15:01
attahMy second test printer arrived to day, and it is having none of it :)15:03
piggzattah: hopefully a canon :D15:03
attahLexmark this time15:03
attahAnd it claims PWG-raster support, so i can hopefully get some coverage on that eventually15:04
piggzattah: i can probbaly implement the decoding of the printer response, was going to tackle that next15:04
attahDepending on what is going wrong that's good15:05
attahBut i'll be messing with those parts for collections15:05
piggzattah: this is the response
attahnot obvious from that, but also unlikely to be collection-related15:08
attahodd, CUPS doesn't automatically discover the Lexmark, but the app does15:10
attahyour qt-styled bindump reminds me i definitely need to make bytestream be able to print normal pretty hexdumps15:11
piggzattah: i strugged for a while until i realised qbytearray randomly isnerts "" into the debug output15:12
attahI'll get some sun and such before i dig in, talk to you later15:15
attahpiggz: arrays reworked, now for the real problem...16:57
piggzattah: back17:29
attahpiggz: did you have any success with the decoding error?17:39
piggzattah: not yet17:45
piggzattah: there is no error in decoding message, it was becuase i pritned the reply and emptied the buffer18:30
attahoh :P18:31
attahhmm, not quite18:48
piggzattah: 999 copies too much?19:24
attahi meant that it doesn't do nested collections19:25
attahand i have a feeling nested collections are fine to be 1-setof19:26
attahand that is just screwy to deal with19:26
piggzit was very screwy to deal with the encoder ... an outer collection has bytes in a different order to inner ones19:28
piggzlooking forward to see what you come up with19:28
attahdon't ;) i work with actually usable languages19:29
piggzc++ is usable, the ipp spec less so19:30
attahyeah, that's even worse19:31
attahBut some dynamic typing and pattern matching would have gone a long way in organizing this mess19:35

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