Saturday, 2020-06-13

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attahpiggz: Now there is collection decoding... it ain't pretty09:33
piggzattah: gr8 ... where is that used? to printers send data with collections?10:06
attahpiggz: the printer will first advertise e.g. what media-col attributes/options/... it supports10:06
attahIf we include it it needs to be within supported attributes and ranges10:07
attah(although just size should perhaps always work)10:07
attahbit i think we can cheat a bit and look up a supported media-col and echo (parts of?) it back10:08
piggzattah: ah, ok10:09
piggzbut yeah, im sure all must support size and margins10:09
attahif they support media-col at all, that would probably be safe10:10
attahthe way all other settings work is to put ...-supported as the choice list, ...-default as the default choice, and then just include ... in the request if it has been changed10:11
attahFor media-col that probably won't work, but keeping the symmetry can't hurt10:12
piggzsounds like a plan10:12
piggzping me if you want to be to build/test...10:12
piggzif you have telegram, or in a channel that is bridged to telegram, im @adampigg10:13
attahsorry, i don't10:14
attahpiggz: about that pull request... i'd want to bring on that functionality but de-duplicate some code if possible10:16
attahIs that something you are working on, or should i?10:16
piggzattah: i dont mind you rejecting the PR, but using it for insprition10:17
piggzits more really just a POC...10:17
piggztho, i do think it works easier if you pass a reference into the function, instead of passing back a bytestream :)10:18
attahjust syncing expectations :) I'm happy it works, and for the kick in the rear10:18
attahthat was a good idea, i went for something similar in the collection stuff10:19
piggzby all means use it as a refernce an re-implement, im just happy to get photo printing working10:20
attahthat's the goal :) i bet you will not be alone in benefiting from that10:21
piggzattah: hows the progress?14:49
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