Sunday, 2020-06-14

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attahpiggz: any particular reason you are bypassing the jpeg conversion/resizing?11:53
piggzattah: atm im not ... but in the commits, i wondered what would happen if I just sent the jpeg data, with the mime type and size, to see if ti would work11:54
attahand it did?11:55
piggzattah: yes, it was fine11:59
piggzattah: i figured if the printer supported jpeg and a size, it should sort it itself12:00
attahone would have thought... and then there were several people reporting that it didn't work12:01
attahmaybe they too have printers that need tickling with the correct media-col12:01
attahpiggz: Now i found how collections became a thing... PWG members include Apple Inc.; Brother Industries, Ltd.; Canon; Epson; Fuji Xerox; Google; -->High North, Inc<--....12:14
attah"High North is an analytical cannabis laboratory"12:15
piggzattah: maybe have an option for "no conversion"12:17
attahThat's what i'm thinking... just kinda hoping for an attribute to base it on, and make the setting e.g. force conversion12:18
attahBut i will let it stew in the back of my mind for a bit.. it has worked reasonably for the design choices so far12:20
attahpiggz: can you please post me a complete set of printer attributes from your printer? (either from the debug view or console)14:00
attahMy printers don't do 0-margins or even several choices it seems14:00
piggzattah: ok14:12
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mpolAre there people using Whisperfish for Signal? Does it work relatively well?17:21
mpolI am using the android app for Signal, but it doesn't see my contacts. It might be that Whisperfish is still better than this17:22
mpoloh, it is not close to being rewritten I see17:35
piggzattah: how goes it (if youve been working on it .. ive had a hard days work outside!)18:26
attahpiggz: haven't spent much time on it.. i'm letting it grow in the back of the head and not wear on me... but with that said, i have an initial setting that deals purely with zero margins mostly done18:28
attahor the better part of one i should say, not committed yet18:29
attahstill thinking whether to have a global setting move paper sizes to media col, or have it depend on margin settings being present, and if so if they should be expanded18:32
piggzattah: cool, i also like to ponder over problems for a few days18:47
tango_oops sorry19:10

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