Sunday, 2020-06-21

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attaho/ piggz13:09
piggzlo attah13:13
attahsorry about the poor explanation...13:13
piggzattah: its fine, i understand ... would be good to have the option to use media-col w/ size all the time as my printer seems to require it13:16
attahi'll make that happen13:18
attahbut it worked with the current code and zero margins, right?13:19
piggzattah: havnt tested, had lots of birthdays and beer this weekend, and i have a sore head still :D13:22
piggzlemme try now13:22
attahSounds like an excellent weekend13:22
attahI too only now got back to printer stuff... have my living room filled with color comparison sheets. Spoiler: i have shipped incorrect settings13:24
piggzattah: spent all yesterday afternoon drinking brewdog lager in the sun on our decking13:28
piggzit sounds like my printer is printing .....13:28
attahnice, good13:28
attahso they have a good lager nowadays?13:29
attah77 lager was always my favorite back in the day13:29
piggzwell, id prefer a beer, but it was on offer, and i had to cater for the majority13:30
piggzbut it was perfectly fine for a lager13:30
piggzattah: yeah, that setting has worked13:31
piggzattah: tho, i do have a small margin on one side, but that migh be specific to the picture resolution .... havnt had that before13:31
attahyeah, the resolution/aspect ratio could do that i guess.. but if it was due to the built-in resizing, it should be centered13:33
piggzattah: could i have an option to not do any of that, and just send a raw jpeg like my hack did?13:34
attahthat's on the list, but i'd really liked to understand if it can be automatic, or what is the better default13:35
piggzattah: could the default be, if camera supproted jpeg, and priting a jpeg, just send the file ?13:36
attahno, not really, since i changed it from people complaining that it was useless... maybe some attribute could shed light on whether or not to do it13:38
attahi'll re-test on my two printers13:38
piggzattah: in what way was it useless?13:39
attahlike threw a failure with no description13:39
piggzid imaging that should be the default for photo printers pringing on photo paper13:39
piggzoh, well, doesnt fail here :)13:40
attahthat's why i had it set up like that initially13:40
attahpiggz: hmmm... both my printers just resized jpegs correctly and successfully... one of them with a bit of coaxing13:57
piggzsounds good14:12
attahi'll check up on the issue with printing jpegs from before, but looks like it will be the new default14:13
attahit must have been my mimetype snafu that messed stuff up14:13
attahpushed those changes... but now it is time for some more sun14:17
attahpiggz: did your printer support pwg-raster btw?14:18
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