Monday, 2020-06-22

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riniguslbt: is there a trick allowing to simplify obs package download and avoid rpc timeouts while syncing? example
riniguslbt: as such, we could also use tar.gz, but seems like download_url is not supported at obs. maybe some kind of "thin git download"?10:22
OutBackDingoanyway to flash Sailfish OS on a XA2 plus in linux... i have no windows here ?10:27
rinigusOutBackDingo: unless you need to downgrade, you could use fastboot while flashing in linux. scripts should be included in xa2 sfos download10:42
rinigusif you have to downgrade xa2 first, as far as I know, emma is needed and it is only in windows.10:42
vilpanpvuorela: hi, what's the status of Lithuanian keyboard layout integration? I recall sledges said it was almost ready last summer, so I keep holding my breath before each upgrade, but no joy so far.12:03
vilpanI realize it's not a big user base, but at least I'm not the only one asking about it :) - (last comment 2019-11-12).12:03
vilpanIt's easy to add the keyboard layout (, but I haven't found a way for it to survive across upgrades, so it quickly becomes annoying to reconfigure on every upgrade. Not to mention, that there's likely a part of the user base for which the procedure is too technical.12:03
OutBackDingorinigus: my phones is on android 9 now, so i dont think i need to "downgrade"12:55
rinigusOutBackDingo: I don't remember what was the base for XA2 SFOS. you should check out XA2 installation instructions, it could have been AOSP8.13:10
malOutBackDingo: that says android 8 and 9 are ok starting points for installation, android 10 is probably not13:28
pvuorelavilpan: sorry, but same as it was, waiting for the final bits.15:27
vilpanpvuorela: no ETA in sight?16:22
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