Tuesday, 2020-06-23

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dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ? Would you mind if we start a bit earlier today ?06:45
chriadamhi dcaliste, sure no problem06:46
chriadamI'm well thanks, how are you?06:46
dcalisteI'm ok, thank you. Thanks a lot for all the accepted MRs recently, to pvuorela and flypig also.06:46
chriadamglad we could finally get many of those in :-)06:47
dcalisteYeh, almost none remains, cool. Today will be quick I guess !06:47
dcalisteSo let's start with a simple one : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/messagingframework/merge_requests/3906:48
dcalisteJust about silencing warning messages when inquiring for a mail account from account number and the account does not exist.06:49
chriadamI vaguely remember this one.  were there any open questions or concerns about it?  ISTR that I had originally thought that it shouldn't be an edit of the existing patch, but pvuorela said he actually prefers that, so that shouldn't block.06:50
chriadambut I don't remember if there was anything else to consider06:51
dcalisteflypig asked me to add %autosetup to avoid calling all patches by hand. It's now done.06:52
chriadamlooking at the diff, there seem to be some code changes (e.g. around 2124).  is that just that gitlab isn't displayign it properly?06:52
chriadamalso e.g. 167506:52
chriadamto me it seems like the "actual" change is line 1488 and 1492, returning Success instead of Failure if the account doesn't exist06:53
chriadamah, I see.  the "other" changes are just coloured mostly wrongly by gitlab - it was just enclosing string in QLatin1String() etc, and removing a whitespace06:54
chriadamalthough lin 986 looks a bit strange, might just be gitlab rendering the indentation wrongly06:55
dcalisteLooking at it again, yes, there is an empty line change and a QLatin1String. I don't remember why I let these pass inside...06:58
chriadamwell, doesn't matter about those.  but I do wonder about line 98606:58
dcalisteLooking at it.06:58
dcalisteLooking at the after MR version of the patch, it looks consistent, but I cannot figure out why there is this diff.07:04
dcalisteI'm going to generate the real code diff, before old patch applied and after new patch. Give me a minute.07:04
chriadamsure, thanks07:05
dcalisteI've created a branch 'old' in QMF/upstream, set it to origin/master and applied with 'git am' the patch 0004.07:11
dcalisteThen, I've checked out the master branch and applied the new patch 0004.07:12
dcalisteI've just sent you by email the diff of the two branches.07:12
dcalisteI've no idea how all these diffs are coming from in the diff of the two 0004 patches.07:13
chriadamwell, that realDiff looks clean and simple enough ;-)07:14
chriadamok, LGTM unless pvuorela or flypig have some comments on that (messagingframework#39)07:14
chriadamI briefly discussed the libcommhistory change with Bea - she mentioned that there currently is inheritance used to share code, in a case where it's not strictly an "IS-A" relationship, was wondering if that shared code could be refactored out somehow so it could be shared without requiring inheritance07:15
dcalisteWell, I'm wondering if we're not actually in the "IS-A" case indeed:07:17
dcaliste(let me open those files again)07:17
dcaliste- the leaf class is SingleContactEventModel, which is a07:18
dcaliste- RecipientEventModel also (added by the patch, but can be skipped), which is a07:19
dcaliste- EventModel which itself is a07:19
dcaliste- QAbstractItemModel07:19
chriadamoh, I see she already commented on the bug, and you discussed with her a bit07:19
chriadamok, in that case I guess there is only the api function naming to be discussed.  I wonder if pvuorela has some more comments about that or not07:20
chriadamI don't have strong feelings either way07:20
dcalisteI guess the main issue is that the leaf class (single contact) is having already an API with Recipient as argument.07:20
dcalisteSo adding the intermediate recipient class with a logical Recipient API is shadowed by this already existing API.07:21
dcalisteAnd then in the QML bindings, we're dealing with instance of the leaf class only to save memory since a single contact model is also a recipient model.07:22
dcalisteAnd when we want to make this instance behave actually like a recipient model and not like a single contact model, then, we need to poke the parent method explicitly because of the shadowing.07:23
dcalisteThis last call makes us wonder if the inheritence is indeed the right way.07:24
dcalisteI'm far from being an expert in C++, so I don't have strong feeling about this.07:25
chriadamI added a comment, hopefully I didn't misunderstand the context07:28
chriadambut I personally am fine with the current PR so long as the semantics are clearly documented so that it can be maintained and modified in future etc.07:28
chriadambut I haven't had anything to do with libhcommhistory really, so blam and pvuorela are better ot review :-/07:28
chriadamI will poke Pekka about it later this week :-)07:29
chriadamthank you for the in-depth explanation07:29
dcalisteOk, thank you chriadam.07:29
chriadamdid you have anything else to discuss this week?07:30
dcalisteI will add a comment in the QML call if we decide to keep it like that to explain why we need to actually call the parent method explicitely.07:30
dcalisteAbout the timezone renaming we discussed last week, I forgot to do it, so I will this week.07:31
dcalisteEven today, I guess.07:31
chriadamno worries, no rush, thanks07:31
dcalisteThen, it will remain a blocker in the UI part in the timezone component.07:31
chriadamI believe that Pekka was hoping to merge those this week, but will double check07:32
dcalisteWhen using the search and clearing it, the items are scrolled up, which is very ugly.07:32
dcalisteI'm discussing it with pvuorela on bitbucket, but I cannot find a solution.07:32
dcalisteThe problem comes from the fact that the header of the QML List is changing height.07:32
chriadamwhich PR?  I will ping Bea as well07:33
dcalisteIn that case, the header is scrolled upward to keep the items on position.07:33
dcalisteit's !38 in component timezone.07:33
dcalisteThe problem is that I'm packing conceptually two items (UTC and no time zone) in the header, because they don't belong to the time zone model.07:34
dcalisteAfter that, just remains !264 in calendar repo, about renaming the time labels for multi day events.07:36
chriadamyeah, I saw that.  I pinged Martin about it, Pekka said that he had shown Martin.  I'm not sure whether he had given green light here or not, or what is happening07:37
chriadamwill poke again :-)07:37
dcalisteOk, it's in the pipes. So far so good !07:37
dcalisteThank you for caring also.07:37
dcalisteI think that's all for today. Thanks for the discussion and your mentoring work.07:38
chriadamthanks for your hard work - really great to have you contribute these improvements.07:38
chriadamthanks again, and have a great week!07:38
dcalisteHave a nice week too.07:38
OutBackDingocant install aptoid ... is it a known issue ?08:53
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OutBackDingoodd seems no Adroid Support showing on my phone in jolla store for purchased rom09:10
OutBackDingohow can i fix09:10
r0kk3rzOutBackDingo: used same jolla account?09:11
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r0kk3rzmaybe pketo can check it for you09:41
OutBackDingoopened a ticket, seems i bought a license for Xperia 10 but phone is XA2 Plus, they will fix09:41
r0kk3rzoh yeah, that will do it09:41
OutBackDingoat least its resolvable09:41
OutBackDingohave to say, sailfish is pretty nice, be nicer once i get whatsapp and zalo install from aptoid09:42
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Dingo007wow acrually works12:06
piggzattah: great job on 0.5.217:31
attahpiggz: thanks, hope that was the worst of it17:33
piggzattah: well, you could add all sorts of properties, different margins for each side, duplex ... :D17:36
attahhey! xD17:37
piggzattah: oh, and in answer to you question, my printer does claim to support urf-raster17:41
piggzurf, jpeg and octet-stream17:42
attahI have forgotten exactly why i was wondering :P but i have a bit of poor coverage on testing pwg raster, as my good printer only supports urf17:44
attahand generally i'm curious how resizing to raster works with borderless17:44
attahbut no hurry, just remember i'm interested in feedback17:45
attahCurrently my cheapo printer prints slightly corrupted on both raster formats, but i'm sure it worked before, and both the good printer and "rasterview" has no issues17:47
attahabranson: there are rumors that you still have trouble printing... anything in particular, or altogether?17:54
abransonattah: haven't had chance to look into it sorry. i always get a failure unless i have the media-col forced, but then it seems to think it's successful, the printer wakes up and shows 'printing' for a moment, but nothing happens and it goes back to standby18:08
attahHmm, okay... that's to bad. No worries tho, write an issue or reopen something when/if you have more logs, time etc.18:11
attahI don't have much in the way of trouble shooting hints, but a super brief description of ipptool can eb fond via this issue https://github.com/attah/harbour-seaprint/issues/2618:12
attahAnd this is for printing images as jpegs, or in general?18:13
abransoni thought it was everything, but i think just jpegs18:47
abransonfrom a quick console watch it looks like pdfs fail conversion18:47
attahand you have poppler-utils i assume?18:48
attahwell, it shouldn't allow you to proceed if you don't, but still18:48
attahmind pasting the logs?18:52
attahconveinient with a googlable document, so i can test here too18:58
attahI see, it has mixed page sizes... this will be interestng, i only did one such test19:00
attahYeah, seems i have some ways left to go with coercing mixed-size pdfs to be more uniform :/19:08
piggzabranson: perhaps try something simpler :D20:25
abransonpiggz: that was all I had on my phone :)20:31
attahi must have printed 30 copies of the schedule for day one of 35c3 by now... "1.pdf"20:32
attahHere are the 2019 schedules https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2019/Fahrplan/20:33

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