Thursday, 2020-07-16

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Herriemonich: You around?12:49
HerrieSeems I found a small cosmetic issue with oFono ;)12:50
monichHerrie: ugh?12:52
HerrieBasically when I set dataCallFormat to 13: It tells me: ofonod[4017]: Invalid dataCallFormat config value (13)12:53
HerrieHowever when I set it to auto it will pick up 13 ;)12:53
HerrieDue to:
HerrieSeems it needs updating for 12, 13, 14 and 15:
monichHerrie: possibly, it could be that I just never encountered those in real life12:56
monichRIL_Data_Call_Response_v11 seems to be the highest version12:56
monichthen I don't see any problem12:57
monichyou've got RIL_Data_Call_Response_v4, RIL_Data_Call_Response_v6, RIL_Data_Call_Response_v9 and RIL_Data_Call_Response_v11 there12:58
HerrieOK so it's just the warning when I specify 13 ? I don't see any real issues down the line really12:58
monichit's data call format, not the ril version :)12:58
monichRIL_Data_Call_Response format, that is12:59
HerrieThen maybe I simply too the wrong config file from Piggz for mido and that's where it started ;)12:59
HerrieYup seems that's the source of the "issue":
HerrieOK sorted then :)13:01
HerrieSorry for bothering ;)13:01
HerrieWill continue to trying to get DualSim working on LuneOS ;) But seeing Mer did the heavy lifting it shouldn't be rocket science hopefully :D13:01
monichgood luck!13:02
Herrieofono side seems good :) Got ril_0 and ril_1, so that's already a good start ;)13:02
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attahpiggz_: I took the plunge into Amazfit/sh... but i'm getting lots of crashes/segfauts with the app15:11
piggz_have you started the service ?15:11
attahprobably not15:12
attahclicking start service crashed the app too, but it seems to have happened15:13
attahand now pairing worked15:13
attahwatch is still asking for the app, but settings claims it is connected15:15
attahperhaps taht could be the auth key having been revoked.. is that a thing?15:16
attahhmmm, now the app thinks it is paireda gain, but the watch still asks for an app15:39
attahI had realized that i was supposed to hijack a session, but for whatever reason i kept following some random unpair instructions that are obviously not productive15:58
piggz_attah: great ... yes, dont unpair, steal the key and use that16:58
piggz_what watch do you have?16:58
attaha GTS16:59
piggz_i need to fix the funky UI crashes when the service isnt there ... typically it works fine tho17:02
attahAlways annoying to dev around corner cases and setup17:03
attahbut i did have a few crashes with the service there too, but unforunately no logs17:04
attahnow with everything running however, it is stable17:04
attahpiggz_: wow, you are doing all the protocol stuff from scratch?19:30
piggz_attah: yes!19:48
piggz_lke you are with ipp!19:49
attahpiggz_: sure, but i had some RFCs to read19:49
piggz_attah: i have the Gadget Bridge source code to go from :)19:50
attahah, okay19:50
attahdid you btw look at my Bytestream lib for binary handling?19:50
piggz_i have done some via reverse engineering, but its very slow, and the huami GB dev is pretty quick to implement things19:50
attahi have since realized QDataStream deos some of the same stuff, but i think by now Bytestream is better19:51
piggz_attah: i didnt, but now you mention it, i wish qbytearray had a <<operator19:51
attahBytestream does, and more19:51
attahlike endianness19:51
attahtest.cpp for examples19:52
piggz_def could be worth a look, i determined some time ago that qbytearray wasnt ideal, too much writing for simple things19:55
piggz_generally, if i want to add a byte, i either need to cast or use the constructor that takes a length and a char19:56
attahI like my code concise, so even C++ in general is a bit annoying (:19:57
attahAfter having implemented basic IPP in Erlang in 2 hours, and still barely gotten feature parity with QByteArray after 2 days... i stepped back and made Bytestream19:58
attah(and for completeness QDataStream does have a << operator, QByteArray however is no fun... Bytestream may not be required, but i like it none the less)20:03
piggz_attah: much new in seaprint? any more printers supported?20:08
attahwell, there was the big update with raster formats, sp now a great majority of IPP-supporting printers should work20:08
attahbut that was a while ago by now20:09
attahi realized my attempt at page resizing does no good for rotating landscape pages, and honestly i don't know what to do about it20:11
piggz_attah: i found the ui crash cause20:42

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