Friday, 2020-07-17

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Thaodanwhats the recommended way to add some space between dialogheader and the next qml element?02:08
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thiggHey, anyone knows, if anyone investigated into playback rate/ pitch scaling issues with native apps?10:29
thiggqt mediaplayer doesnt offer anything there, so maybe one needs to work with gstreamer directly or smth?10:30
haasnIs there an issue with flashing Sailfish X onto a device that currently has LineageOS flashed to it? (which is based on android v10) instead of the stock android v9 from sony?11:20
haasnalso is there any way to migrate settings from my previous SailfishOS phone?11:34
Nico[m]You could try migrating a backup, not sure if that works11:37
CoolgeekI did it from the jolla phone to the xperia x, it worked fine11:38
CoolgeekI made sure that it was the same OS version11:38
ThaodanNico[m]: try recovey and then tar on /home and after restore the tar on the new phone11:56
Thaodanjust watch for the right permissions in $HOME/.local/share/system11:56
haasnI seem to have gotten my phone into a state where pressing the power button once causes the LED to blink, but holding down the vol up + power buttons causes it to boot into SailfishOS13:01
haasnDoes anybody recognize this issue?13:02
haasnI tried re-running the but it doesn't change anything13:02
haasnI think what's supposed to be going on is that that button combination boots the device into 'recovery mode', but somehow I managed to install SailfishOS into this configuration?13:03
haasnI mean I can use it perfectly fine like this (just have to remember to hold volume up when turning it on)13:06
haasnBut I'm worried about this causing me problems down the road :p13:06
ThaodanIs your kernel properly patched to work the other way around?13:25
haasnThaodan: I'm not sure what you mean13:39
ThaodanWhich device do you use?13:39
haasnXperia 1013:39
ThaodanHm strange13:40
ThaodanNo idea then, you could try to reflash it to stock and then flash sfos again.13:40
haasnDoes that require the use of sony's `emma` tool (windows only)?13:41
ThaodanYou can do that via xperia-flashtool13:41
ThaodanEmma is just easier13:41
haasnmeh well it works for now13:45
haasnI guess I'll re-investigate this before the next SailfishOS update13:45
haasnjust to avoid potentially breaking something13:45
haasnfor some reason when I try re-creating the ambience I had on my old phone it always uses a greatly magnified crop of the ambience (blurry)14:23
haasneven though the actual image is higher res14:23
haasnAlso, selecting "Crop -> Ambiance" from the pictures app results in a 1:1 crop14:24
haasnin summary, I don't understand how this is supposed to work14:24
haasnHuh, apparently it works now14:36
haasnErr, I mean, what works now, is that my phone now boots on a single press of the power button14:36
haasnWhat audio players do y'all use? The stock 'media' app seems horrifically bad (every startup it takes a good few minutes re-scanning my entire audio DB.. why??). I found 'quasarMX' which seems pretty decent but requires a license to use16:39
haasnUp to this point I've been using SMPC but that one doesn't integrate well with the OS (no lock-screen controls, can't change volume easily)16:39
haasnI'm trying to find something better but it seems like everything has its own set of limitations..16:39
haasnSeems like `Unplayer` fits the bill for what I want16:49
Nico[m]I use quasarMX, bought a license 10 years ago and never looked back :D16:50
Nico[m]Was still on the N916:50
malI have total of 2 songs on my main phone, and those are for ringtones16:50
haasnNico[m]: tbh I can't even figure out how quasarMX is supposed to work. Even something as basic as enqueueing an album to play next I can't figure out how to do :p16:51
haasnplus the UI is kinda ugly and not very sailfish-ish16:51
haasnanyway, I like unplayer :)16:51
haasnEven better than SMPC16:52
Nico[m]You hit the small + on the song to queue it16:52
Nico[m]But I mostly use the album filters + random16:53
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ThaodanI use the standard media app18:23
Thaodanthe scan time is annoying but ok18:23
Thaodaneven with ca. 8600 tracks18:23
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Acou_Basshey all, does anyone use the facebook messenger lite app from the jolla aptoide store? im trying to use it for a video call and my video doesnt seem to wanna come through, anything i can do to make it work? using an xperia X21:32
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r0kk3rzhaasn: how do you like to organise your music?23:50
r0kk3rzseems to be the sticking point for 'which player to use'23:50
r0kk3rzplus most of them are open source, so y'know if you dont like it you can fix it23:51
r0kk3rzbut yeah, i dont like how the stock media app decides to populate its own internal database instead of just using the tracker database which ultimately scans for media23:53

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