Saturday, 2020-07-18

Thaodanr0kk3rz: didn't the media player already use tracker?00:51
r0kk3rzit does00:51
r0kk3rzbut it reads it into an internal grillo database on startup00:51
ThaodanThe most important thing is to properly tag music00:51
Thaodanhm that doesn't make much sense from the outside00:52
r0kk3rzthe idea was that tracker is merely one source00:52
r0kk3rzbut the app doesnt support many other sources, so its kinda overkill00:53
Thaodanah nice idea00:53
Thaodanbut then cache that at least00:53
Thaodanthen its fine00:53
r0kk3rzthen you have a cache invalidation problem00:53
r0kk3rzbut yeah, it could be better than regenerating the whole thing each time00:54
Thaodanhm one issue after another xD00:54
r0kk3rzin sirensong i use tracker directly and let it sort out tags and updating itself00:54
r0kk3rzsince thats its job00:55
ThaodanGood that the nightmare of tracker on Meego is over00:55
Thaodanthat was far worse00:55
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haasnr0kk3rz: not sure what you mean by 'organize', I have a big directory full of inconsistently named folders, some with subfolders; so some sort of 'library'-type functionality is crucial, beyond that I'm not sure what differences you're looking for04:38
haasnin terms of playback I like to queue up albums but I also like having simple playlist management (e.g. say I want to play a song next rather than adding it to the end of the play queue)04:39
haasnseems like unplayer has some unfortunate limitations04:58
haasnit always groups albums by artist, rather than by album04:58
haasnso albums by various artists end up split up!04:59
haasnI also can't seem to re-order the queue, or queue files after the current playing song04:59
haasnhmm seems unplayer also does not support replaygain or gapless05:07
bionade24haasn: Then implement the feature if you think gapless is important05:33
bionade24Hi, when I try to edit something with vim, everything is read-only. How can I fix this?05:33
haasngiven how much things seem to be missing in every other player I think easiest solution is to start with mpd/smpc and add the one thing that player is missing (easy volume control)05:44
haasnwhere can I find documentation for whatever SailfishOS APIs this stuff is using?05:46
bionade24haasn: For a command line program it's like on desktop Linux. No special APIs, same APIs as on desktop Linux05:51
haasnwell I mean it has to be interfacing with SailfishOS _somehow_ in order for e.g. playback controls to show up on the lock screen05:52
bionade24haasn: Look into the source code, the silica doku would be here if you need it:
haasnhmm staring at it seems to be hooking things up to com.Meego.MainVolume2 somehow which is weird because I can't find hits for that dbus path in unplayer or its dependencies06:05
haasnthen again I can't even find where in the source code of unplayer it actually _plays audio_06:09
haasnOooh, I think I found the solution06:21
haasnSo looking more closely at it seems to group everything into the two media roles "phone" and "x-maemo"06:22
haasnonly the latter of which is controlled by the media buttons06:22
haasnbut because mpd sets its pulse media role to "music" explicitly (rather than leaving it default), it ends up not being controlled by the sailfishos volumecontrol thing06:23
haasnI solved this by commenting out the line that sets the pulseaudio role from the mpd source code and recompiling/reinstalling it06:23
haasnNow it infers the (default) "x-maemo" which allows volume control to work for mpd as well!06:23
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bionade24Hi, when I try to edit something with vim, everything is read-only. How can I fix this?08:12
attaheverything, or everything interesting?08:13
bionade24attah: everything. root or nemo doesn't matter. I already deleted /etc/vimrc, but didn't helped08:14
bionade24attah: And highlighting doesn't work, too08:14
attahhmm, i don't know much about vi... but enough to now have tested that i don't have that issue08:16
attahor well, for the vi that ships, maybe that's not the same08:17
bionade24attah: I installed vim-enhanced, but the package is from jolla, too.08:18
attahokay, i did that too now, works as expected08:20
attahany .vimrc or whatever?08:21
bionade24attah: No, I don't have any vimrc file. find: **/**/*vimrc: No such file or directory08:23
bionade24attah: vi itself has the same problem, can't force write at all08:24
bionade24attah: Always tells me the files are r-o but that's not true08:25
attahassuming you didn't mess with their config at all...? did it ever work?08:25
attahthe -R flag to them would probably do that08:26
bionade24attah: Syntax highlighting did never, vim yes.08:26
attahdid you install more syntax highlighting or something?08:26
bionade24attah: Yes, I installed vim-enhanced but removed it now. vi has the same problem.08:27
attahthat's a "no" as far as i understand though08:28
attahi meant dropping in files in config dirs etc08:28
bionade24attah: Yes, I haven't done anything08:28
attahand is survives reboots?08:29
bionade24attah: Never had boot problems. Vim is my only problem. Will make a backup and remove all vim stuff08:31
attahThat's not what i meant... i just asked if the issue persists after a reboot08:35
attahbut seems i can't spell :) is->it08:36
attahOn a completely other note... i'm trying to build a share plugin, but can't even get to building an existing one08:40
attahTried and getting "Could not find qmake spec 'default'"08:40
attahAlso "Project ERROR: nemotransferengine-qt5 development package not found"08:41
attahsfdk tells it more like "No provider of 'pkgconfig(nemotransferengine-qt5)' found."08:44
bionade24attah: Pretty sure. Vim was flawky for me right from the beginning08:49
attahok, hope some veteran vim user will see it and sort you out08:50
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bionade24attah: Maybe you need some external repo for your package or it was removed by jolla08:59
attahprobably not external, maybe renamed or updated somehow...09:00
attahbut the equivalent functionality should be available09:00
bionade24attah: Try to find the package and harcode it instead of relying on pkgconfig09:01
attahhow would i do that? everything is so hidden in qt, and i'm not really up on how pkgconfig actully works to start with09:03
attahi have also assumed that error about the adaptation0 repo not being found is ok for a build engine... but maybe this is where i should be digging09:05
attahanyone else seeing this with "sfdk engine exec sudo zypper ref"?09:08
bionade24attah: Nemo things aren't part of qt, they're own packages.09:08
attahi still can't understand the qt build system that hides them :/09:09
bionade24attah: No the adaption0 repo can be ignored09:09
attahok :)09:09
bionade24attah: You can't understand qmake or what do you mean?09:10
bionade24attah: Don't try to build with qmake, build with .spec file for the rpm09:10
bionade24attah: With qmake directly09:11
attahto me the .pro file is still the entry point to the project, however misguided that may be09:11
attahi don't even see a spec file09:11
bionade24attah: It's in the rpm dir09:12
Nico[m]If you don't add your dependencies to the spec/yaml, you will have to install everything manually, which sucks :D09:12
bionade24attah: If you run sfdk build it should use rpmbuild09:12
bionade24Nico[m]: The .spec isn't from him it's from the project09:12
bionade24Nico[m]: And pkgconfig can't resolve the entries in the .spec file probably09:13
attahright.. i have the project set up wrong in qt creator.. but sfdk is pointing to the right place... and yes.. just trying to replicate some know working example09:13
Nico[m]bionade24: That would be weird, since spec files or at least the yaml file, that generates the spec file, are intendes to solve exactly that09:14
bionade24Nico[m]: I guess the package that can't be resolved isn't available anymore.09:16
attahnah, the app i'm trying to build was updated just 16 days ago09:17
attahand made by someone at jolla09:17
Nico[m]Maybe the package doesn't resolve yet?09:17
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attahtried building another similar project from 5 years ago, same problem09:19
Nico[m]What are the commands you are using to build it?09:20
attahsfdk build09:21
attahsince it is super opaque, i don't know what else i'd even look at :/09:21
Nico[m]Is that equivalent to the mb2 commands?09:23
attahi have no idea whatsoever09:23
attah(since i can't fins any docs on what it is)09:23
Nico[m]Maybe try building it with mb2? Never heard of the sfdk command :D09:23
attahhow do even run mb2, and what is it?09:23
attahi have seen it, but never used09:24
Nico[m]Well it's how you use the sailfish build engine09:24
Nico[m]Usually you invoke it via mb2 -t <sailfish version> build09:25
attahup until sfdk i only really pressed the big green button in the IDE, as that was all that was documented09:25
Nico[m]But you need to have the project in your working directory of the build engine, afaik09:25
Nico[m]I usually use it via docker09:26
attahi have the new docker build thing installed09:26
Nico[m]Since that uses all my cores and RAM as needes09:26
bionade24Nico[m]: Yeah sfdk build is the new wrapper to the sb2/mb2 commands09:26
Nico[m]Oh, I see09:26
bionade24attah: sfdk build is fine and should work. It's just relatively new09:26
Nico[m]I somehow missed that :D09:27
bionade24Nico[m]: You can use docker now as backend of the sfdk tool, too.09:27
attahi basically missed mb2, don't feel bad ;)09:27
Nico[m]So I can drop my stupid build commands here: nice09:27
bionade24Nico[m]: That the Blogpost about it09:29
attahNico[m]: it too throw med loads of missing providers and pkgconfig issues, but apart from that, it appears to "work"09:29
bionade24attah: Will try to build the package09:30
Nico[m]Thanks, I'll read about it now and will try it out for my project :309:30
bionade24attah: For me the project builds fine09:48
attahbionade24: which one?09:49
attahwith docker?09:49
bionade24attah: I have virtualbox but backend shouldn't matter I use the sfdk tool09:49
bionade24attah: Could you please paste the output to
attahi'll reinstall the SDK just because09:52
bionade24attah: You have the latest build target and executed zypper refresh09:52
bionade24attah: Reinstallung probably won't help09:52
attah sfdk config target=SailfishOS-
attahsfdk engine exec sudo zypper refresh09:53
bionade24attah: You could only try to reinstall the build targets, the rest doesn't need to be reinstalled09:54
bionade24attah: That's how it should look:
attahhmm, seems i accidentally git the virtualbox one now09:58
bionade24attah: What do you mean with that?10:01
attahi unchecked all build targets... applied, then checked latest... and applied10:02
attahnow sfdk build does lots of vbox stuff10:02
bionade24attah: You have to start the engine first10:03
attahi did, from the ide10:03
attahdocker start sailsdk10:04
attahError response from daemon: No such container: sailsdk10:04
bionade24attah: WTF have you done? Are you using docker?10:04
bionade24attah: Or have u fucked up your config?10:04
attahi wish i knew... the maint tool desn't exactly tell you what it does10:05
attahis it the ea release that is docker?10:05
attahi can't find the announcement post because i'm stupid10:05
Nico[m]No, you can get all targets as docker10:06
bionade24attah: The error seems like it tries to use docker. All targets should work with all backend10:06
Nico[m]The first question it asks you is if you want docker images or not10:06
Nico[m]The installer10:06
Nico[m]You can't change it in the maintenance tool10:07
attahwell, i did select docker when i installed10:07
bionade24attah: Have you tried to use docker or VBox in the installation process10:07
attahand i had it working10:07
attahbut now with reinstalling from maint, it gives me vbox apparently10:07
bionade24attah: Saidly I don't know how the docker integration works and if it installs the docker image correctly10:08
attahscrew it, uninstalling10:08
bionade24attah: Pobably the best. But delete the config files under ~/.config/, too10:08
bionade24attah: Just the Sailfish ones, of course !!!!10:09
attahAlso found this
bionade24attah: .config/SailfishSDK10:11
bionade24attah: Did it help?10:11
attahIn the middle of reinstalling10:12
attahstill same error after reinstall...10:16
attahmaybe i don't understand what "login to target" is in docker10:19
attahi did:  sfdk engine exec sudo rm -rf /home/.zypp-cache/*10:19
attah+/- sudo10:19
bionade24attah: sfdk engine exec zypper list10:20
bionade24attah: the problem is that I don't know if docker still has the sb2 environment under the hood or not10:21
bionade24attah: sfdk engine exec zypper repos10:21
bionade24attah: sfdk exec zypper install libnemotransferengine-qt5-devel10:25
attahsfdk engine exec sudo zypper install libnemotransferengine-qt5-devel10:26
attahNo provider of 'libnemotransferengine-qt5-devel' found.10:26
attahis "engine" wrong here?10:26
bionade24attah: Nope sorry forgot it. But this should work. Either you try to use virtualbox or need help from someone  experienced with the docker backend. I guess the SDK maintanance tool never pruned the docker layers and the issue is still in there10:28
attahmaybe coderus is around?10:29
Nico[m]Hm, you could uninstall it and remove the docker layers manually, I guess?10:30
bionade24attah: Last try I could offer with docker: Uninstall the build targets, close it, run docker image prune,  install the target10:31
attahNico[m]: that's all greek to me10:31
attahbionade24: will try10:31
Nico[m]attah: Basiacally what bionade24 said10:32
attahapplications not accepting simply -h needs to be taken out back and shot10:32
bionade24attah: sfdk --help works10:32
attahyes, but that's 4 characters more10:33
bionade24attah: -h sometimes doesn't mean help but human, e.g df -h, free -h, du -sh10:33
bionade24attah: the real sad thing is that sfdk doesn't have a man page.10:34
attahwhich is basically as bad as e.h. ms Outlook not using ctrl-f for find, but forward10:34
bionade24attah: But sfdk is pretty new hopefully it will get one10:34
attahwell, it sure insists on paginated help like a man page10:34
bionade24attah: No, because -h for human is older than -h for help10:34
bionade24attah: Posix can suck ;)10:35
attahi'm not saying remove --help, and human is just annoying, but fine10:35
attahit is for those that just choose to complain about -h and not do something useful10:36
bionade24attah: Yeah taht's said. But always try man <command> first it's better anyway10:36
attahdocker reclaimed 0B of space :(10:38
bionade24attah: Show me the output of docker images10:38
attahonly sailfish-os-build-engine, now that i installed it10:39
attahbut, none the less, now it works10:39
bionade24attah: Ok so docker prune helped. Weird10:40
attahwell, pkgconfig works, there are new errors :P10:40
bionade24attah: Maybe some overlayfs issue.10:40
bionade24attah: I can't really tell without looking into the sdk maintanance docker code10:41
Nico[m]Heh, I can't get the sailfish sdk to work at all :D11:17
bionade24Nico[m]: :(11:24
Nico[m]Somehow the ssh in the build engine is completely broken after installing it11:25
* bionade24 seems to be the only one without problems11:25
Nico[m]sshd wasn't even running :D11:25
bionade24Nico[m]: Docker based doesn't need ssh probably11:26
bionade24Nico[m]: Use "sfdk engine exec bash" instead11:26
Nico[m]Well, the "sfdk build" command complains about ssh11:27
bionade24Nico[m]: If sfdk uses docker exec -it underneath11:27
bionade24Nico[m]: Guessed it uses docker commands instad of ssh ^11:28
Nico[m]No, that command also complains about ssh :D11:28
Nico[m]After I started it manually using docker exec, it is now complaining about missing authorized keys .-.11:29
bionade24Nico[m]: :( I just stick with Virtualbox I guess. Try to regenerat your ssh keys (option in qtcreator settings)11:30
Nico[m]VirtualBox breaks to often for me11:31
bionade24Nico[m]: It never did and if docker is flawky I'll stick with it until it works11:31
Nico[m]The generate command just complains about the file already existing... I'll just delete it11:31
bionade24I now have to resize my root partition to finally make the 3.3 update :(11:32
bionade24Why does Jolla make the root partition only 2.4G large and why are all package manager breaking even though I still have 269MB available?11:34
ThaodanDo you have a device with system_a and system_b?11:40
ThaodanYou can expand the root volume to system_b11:41
Thaodaneh system_a11:41
Thaodanpvcreate /dev/disk/by-partlabel/system_a11:42
Thaodanvgextend sailfish /dev/disk/by-partlabel/system_a11:42
Thaodanlvextend sailfish/root -l +100%Free11:42
Thaodanresize2fs /dev/mapper/sailfish-root11:42
bionade24Thaodan: What do you mean? I have an XA2 so I'll do lvresize /home, lvresize /root11:43
Thaodanno dont do that11:43
bionade24Thaodan: Why?11:43
Thaodanyou have a partition left thats unused11:43
Thaodan     /dev/disk/by-partlabel/system_a is unsused and has like 2.5GB of space11:44
Thaodanrun what I've posted above and you have more space11:44
bionade24Thaodan: But which is the right partlabel? mmcblk0 has 79  partitions11:47
bionade24Thaodan: My fdisk -l output:
Thaodan    /dev/disk/by-partlabel/system_a11:49
ThaodanIs the right one11:49
bionade24Thaodan: Sorry thought disk and by-partlabel are placeholders. Jolla can even make filesystems rocket science :)11:51
ThaodanThat standard linux stuff11:51
bionade24Thaodan: That you have a hidden disk ?11:53
Thaodanno its just a link to the real disk file11:53
Thaodanfor example on my desktop:11:54
Thaodan~/Bilder/:ls -l /dev/disk/by-label11:54
Thaodaninsgesamt 011:54
Thaodanlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 25. Jun 19:49 Home -> ../../dm-411:54
Thaodanlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 25. Jun 19:49 System -> ../../dm-011:54
bionade24Thaodan: Thx didn't know that. I only knowed /dev/block_device and /dev/mapper11:55
Thaodannp it depends on what you are doing11:56
bionade24Thaodan: But I can't do online resize, can I?11:57
Thaodanyes you can11:57
Thaodanenlarge works online shrink doesn't11:57
bionade24Thaodan: It always says online-resizing required:
Thaodandid you run that as root?12:06
bionade24Thaodan: Yes, seems like the message is ok it worked anyway12:07
bionade24Thaodan: Will reboot and see12:07
olThaodan (IRC): What's the purpose of these system_a and system_b partitions?12:33
Thaodanol: To have 2 sets of boot vendor and system partitions to allow updating the other while running the live system12:38
ThaodanIts only really usefull for android as system is read only12:38
attahCool, Firefox 52 is making it into the next release it seems14:36
Nico[m]Ohh, that's nice!14:40
attahHoping that was the bigger hurdle, as i seem to recall that's when rust stated to make an appearance14:42
attahi.e. the we get "Quantum" with reasonable amounts of work and in good time14:43
attah(Firefox 57)14:43
Nico[m]Yeah, I think Rust was the biggest hurdle14:46
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coderusattah: some time, if urgent its better to ping me in telegram17:49
attahcoderus: thanks, not urgent... and we finally figured it out17:50
attahapparently i needed to prune my docker images to get package management to work17:51
r0kk3rzhaasn: you need tonimplement mpris2 dbus controls23:33
r0kk3rzthats how the lockscreen thing works23:33
r0kk3rztheres a qml plugin to make that easy23:34
r0kk3rznormal volume should work already23:35

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