Friday, 2020-07-24

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zotanI'm trying to reinstall the SDK on laptop which I've upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04. The installer fails with an SSL error, is this a know problem?14:37
PeperJohnnyzotan: there was a thread on tjc, but I can't find it right now14:38
PeperJohnnymaybe this helps14:39
vilpanthe same suggestions on tjc, it seems -
zotanYes, that fixes it. Thanks!14:41
icypeei'm trying to flash sailfish on my phone22:44
icypeei'm at the vbmeta part22:44
icypeebut when i try to flash the vbmeta22:44
icypeeit just gives me command failed22:44
icypeehow do i fix this?22:45
malwhich device?22:50
icypeecperia xz222:50
maldo you mean xa2?22:56
malwhat error does it give23:04
malmaybe rinigus can help with that?23:04

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