Saturday, 2020-07-25

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rinigusicypee: please paste the error. Note that you have to download vbmeta separately and put into the same folder as sfos images05:05
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zotanI'm trying to build a package with sfdk. How do you turn on / view the build logs?13:03
malzotan: do you mean the app sdk or the platform sdk?13:04
zotanNot sure, I'm running sfdk from the command line.13:05
zotanI think it's the app sdk.13:05
malwhich command do you use to build?13:06
zotansfdk build -p -d13:06
malwhich instructions are you following?13:09
malare you building some app or something else?13:09
zotanTrying to build the ocaml tools13:10
zotanThere's an old version here:
zotanI'm trying to build a newer version.13:11
malso you extracted the source tar.gz from there to some folder or a newer version and then copied that spec file?13:12
zotanUsing this link as well:
zotanI have a tarball and a spec file, but it's not clear to me if I have to untar the tarball somewhere.13:13
malI think you should untar it in some folder13:13
maland have the spec file there13:13
malOBS builds are a bit different and can handle tarballs but local builds need the source to be extracted13:14
zotanIt seems I have to have the tarball in the rpm directory along with the spec file.13:14
zotanso should I untar and then create a rpm subdir with the spec file in it?13:15
maltry it13:15
malnot sure if it's needed to have the spec in rpm folder but see which way works13:15
zotanI'm wondering if I should try this on the build VM instead?13:17
zotanNow at least it finds the configure script, it just can't execute it.13:18
malwhat is the error?13:39
zotan/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.qirgmR: line 48: ./configure: Permission denied13:42
malI think that could be because you are building it in app sdk in the emulator13:47
malmaybe you could try
zotanNo luck with that either: Non-standard SDK installation layout - cannot determine location for SDK targets and tooling14:00
zotanLooks like the pdk won't start.14:00
zotanI wonder if it's another 20.04 problem.14:02
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zotanAh, that was my mistake. The PDK isn't self contained, you really do have to install into the weird dir hierarchy14:19
Mister_Magisterhow can i change password on sfos forum17:18
projectmoon`hi, i'm trying to flash sailfish x on an xperia 10 plus updated to the latest android 9 (jan 2020). exactly how long does it normally take to run through the flashboot commands?17:38
projectmoon`it's been sitting on flashing hybris-boot.img to boot_a for several minutes now17:38
projectmoon`i also had really weird behavior on unlock the bootloader, where it just sat there for 2 minutes before i pulled the plug, and it was unlocked after that17:39
projectmoon`running fastboot manually to flash the image with verbose flag also does nothing17:41
projectmoon`no output17:41
projectmoon`ok... it seems to be this:
antismal: hello. i thought about installing the beta and debug the issue further - currently i do not actually have the time for this tbh…21:20
antishowever i have seen 3.4 is around the corner and at least one pull request seems to address the camera issue.21:22
antisBtw. is it a FP2 specific issue or other platforms affected as well?21:26
malantis: I managed to fix the camera viewfinder issue21:31
malantis: it affects some random other devices also21:31
antisok, good news. thanks!21:32
antisyeah i think so, because it looks like a generic race condition issue (maybe combination of several issues)21:32
malantis: if you mean that's the fix I found, that one line was lost in one earlier commit21:32
maltook some time to figure out what was missing21:33
malbut in the end I found some strange values in debug logs and figured out it was that crop rect that was broken21:36
malso the issue was just an uninitialized variable21:37
antisoh ok, i meant this one
maloh, I didn't notice that, different issue probably21:42
malantis: I'll see if I'm happy enough with the current state of 3.3.0 version next week to release it21:59
antisalright, i be happily waiting22:08
malI need to check one issue with adaptive streaming first22:09

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