Wednesday, 2020-07-29

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flypigpiggz, nothing to report I'm afraid. There are quite a few sailors on vacation, so the people I was hoping could speak to you about it aren't around. I did make a note about it on bugzilla though, hopefully it'll be returned to.08:49
piggzflypig: mal also confirmed09:03
flypigpiggz, okay, that's good to hear. Sorry that it caused you trouble.09:23
piggzflypig: no major trouble09:24
udethi all, could anyone help me to figure out how to porperly autostart aliendalvik apps? I created a systemd service wanted by post-user-session requiring lipstick.service and aliendalvik.service. when starting apps via invoker, it works out fine but aliendalvik seems not to be completely started resulting into some apkd-launcher calls havin no effect while others are working10:33
udethowever for all apkd-launcher calls I get the notification, that android support needs to be started10:34
udetand it waits for10:34
udetso whatsapp, protonmail and firefox are starting, jami and telegram not10:35
udetand are there other menues? where you probably could search for an app11:00
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