Thursday, 2020-07-30

qkallgreetings kind lords, i am new to sailfish os (i just purchased a pinephone)00:38
qkalli keep googling and i can't seem to find the password to devel-su00:38
qkalli know dev mode enabled00:38
qkalli tried toggling it and it unstall all my apps :/00:38
qkalli will honestly take a tutorial but i can't seem to find it.00:39
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rinigusqkall: you set devel-su password in settings/developer, same as for ssh06:21
thuttu77join #mer06:32
Mister_Magisteradding nextcloud account causes share screen to brake lmao so stable06:56
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rubdosMister_Magister: I already wondered what broke it.08:48
Mister_Magisterprably the share plugin08:49
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attahabranson: well, this is embarrassing... the reason your PDF didn't print is that 20 pages takes a bit over 30s to convert at high resolution, and that is the default timeout19:24
attahfor reasons beyond my comprehension, random interspersed landscape pages seem ok to pass through the whole chain, including the printer19:26
attahand here i am writing a PDF parser in flex/bison and considering pull requests to Poppler, man do i feel stupid19:27
abransonattah: wow. well done figuring that out19:40

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