Thursday, 2020-08-20

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ViGeN-Mi: I found the deploy bug in the SDK. Would you be so kind and write a bug report in I could then post a workaround there - I'm sure you are not the only one who has run into the issue, and it would be nice to have the workaround publicly available as it will take some time before the next SDK release (with the fix) comes out05:27
elros1Kabouik_ please test latest version: just start it without any arguments and check whether there is something printed when you move mouse08:30
FloR707Hi, I just upgrades Qt Creator and the other files and now I do net get any help on pressing F1. Is this a known issue or did I do something wrong?08:56
ViGeFloR707: Which OS are you using?08:57
FloR707I am also unable to run an app on my phone. Failure during RPM is the message at the end of the build run.08:57
FloR707macOS 10.1508:57
ViGeFloR707: In that case I believe it (the help thing) is a known issue.08:58
FloR707Where can I check for something like that?08:59
ViGeFloR707: Regarding the deployment issue, what exactly is the error message displayed?08:59
ViGeFloR707: Well, you can search the bug reports category in the forum, but not all issues (like this one) are there. We generally try to write about known issues in the release notes, but quite often we only find out issues after we have made a release - this was one of those cases.09:01
N-Mi_ViGe, ok, I'll fill the bug report09:03
ViGeN-Mi_: Hold on a second09:04
FloR707Regarding the deployment. "nemo@sailfish: Permission denied (publickey,password)." I have not seen that before.09:04
N-Mi_FloR707, I had an issue with connecting to the phone also09:05
ViGeN-Mi_: Just to be sure that you have the same issue which I had: Do you have "Default" as the Authentication type for your device?09:05
Kabouik_elros1 is there an prebuilt rpm?09:05
elros1in same place at obs09:05
Kabouik_Oh right, I was checking github09:06
ViGeFloR707: You need to deploy your public key to the decice. I recommend that you remove and add the device again in Qt Creator.09:06
N-Mi_I could connect from the "Devices" setting panel, but it faild during the deployment. I fixed it by manually specifying the private SSH key instead of letting it use automatically09:06
FloR707I tried both. Default I will be asked for a password during the build. The password is correct, the test works.09:06
ViGeN-Mi_: Yes, that was the issue. Please file the bug, I'll write more information there :)09:07
Kabouik_Same issue elros1, unless I need a lipstick restart09:09
N-Mi_ViGe, it fixed the "Permission denied", but still fails to deploy09:10
FloR707For me it works now after adding the phone again.09:10
elros1Kabouik_ no but is there anything in logs when you move mouse?09:11
Kabouik_Should I chech logcat?09:11
ViGeN-Mi_: In that case, create a new key (press the "Create New...") and deploy it09:12
N-Mi_ViGe, ok09:12
elros1Kabouik_ logcat is for android. I mean regular output when you run qxcompositor in terminal or journalctl when you run it via some gui09:13
Kabouik_Oh, no, just this but it's unrelated to what I do with the mouse:
Kabouik_Same if I just use `qxcompositor` as command09:16
FloR707@ViGe Thanks for the help =)09:17
ViGeFloR707: np09:17
elros1Kabouik_ ok, last try. IT will finish build within a minute. It will be very noisy but pasetebin only if you see some events on move.09:19
Kabouik_Ok, so the paste deserves some explanations elros1:
Kabouik_First, no cursor showing at all this time (but this may be expected with this build). Now regarding the logs:09:25
Kabouik_When you see (MouseMove), I'm holding a button09:25
Kabouik_When you see (Leave), this is when I try to move the mouse without holding a button; but this line ONLY appears if I pressed a button once before moving09:26
Kabouik_Otherwise when moving the mouse without holding button, nothing is printed in the logs; except this (Leave) line once after a button press09:27
elros1ok thanks. I was hoping that I missed something but looks like there are no move or hover events with button release.09:29
elros1so no solution for now until I I will try patch for lipstick09:30
elros1I just don't get why it works for other devices09:30
Kabouik_Illyria is busy porting Mobian on his Pro¹ so he can't test, but I'll see if I can get some help from other Pro¹ users with the previous build on Discord09:31
Kabouik_I could also try the previous build on the gf's Jolla C tonight09:32
N-Mi_ViGe, I confirm it works after adding a new key generated from QtCreator09:33
Anasko7monich: I have got a cre dump for openrepos-books? How do I send it over? Even zipped, it is still a large file.09:34
Anasko7core * dump09:34
ViGeN-Mi_: That's what I expected :)09:37
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projectmoon`is anyone here using microG, and if so, does UnifiedNLP work properly for you in android apps that need location?10:02
ViGeprojectmoon`: yes and yes10:05
FloR707Can I still check my RPMs with Qt? On a Mac sometimes .DS_Store files are included, which are not welcome ;-)10:06
ViGeFloR707: What do you mean by "check"?10:07
projectmoon`it seems like i'm really only getting device GPS, but the new version of microG makes it hard to verify if UnifiedNLP is working.10:12
ViGeprojectmoon`: It's quite easy to check if it's working: Just disable GPS and start some app which uses UnifiedNLP. If you still get location it works. If you don't get location - well, I guess you don't know if it works or not10:16
projectmoon`ViGe, well, i've sat in my bathroom (aka bunker) and tried it, and it wasn't getting a location instantly, much less on a longer period of time10:38
projectmoon`it should not take long, if it's working10:38
projectmoon`the self-check passes, but the unified NLP self-check portion seems to have vanished after the update10:38
ViGeindeed, it should be quite fast if it works10:39
monichAnasko7: I suggest to use some kind of free file sharing service10:39
ViGeprojectmoon`: might be worth it to try different location backends10:39
projectmoon`i'm trying both mozzila and apple wifi10:40
projectmoon`will try it with gps disabled10:40
projectmoon`with the current version of sailfish, you don't need to do anyhting more than install microG normally right?10:42
projectmoon`you only need to start screwing around with the system image if you want mapsv1, is my understanding10:42
ViGeprojectmoon`: I don't remember anymore what I did when I installed it, but I definitely did not screw around with the image :)10:43
projectmoon`yes. all i've done is install it as a user app via aurora droid10:43
ViGeI most likely did it like that as well10:44
projectmoon`can you check in microG settings if the UnifiedNLP stuff is in self-check? the things like "Unified NLP has last known position"?10:45
projectmoon`that seems to have vanished out of mine... and i'm not sure if it's because of the microG update, or something lese10:45
ViGeIt says "UnifiedNlp has no last known location". I'm sure that used be checked as well at some point.10:46
projectmoon`what version of microG do you have?10:47
projectmoon`hmm, i have 0.2.1110:47
projectmoon`in 0.2.11, the unified NLP check is gone10:47
projectmoon`at least on my phone10:48
ViGeInteresting, I turned GPS off and started an app which uses NLP. It got location just fine, and now "UnifiedNlp has known location" is checked in self-check as well10:49
projectmoon`yeah it won't check that box until something actually gets location10:49
ViGegets location with NLP that is - if GPS is on, it wont check it10:50
projectmoon`i will try installing 0.2.1010:52
projectmoon`0.2.10 has the UnifiedNLP status back in self-check... now to reboot10:55
projectmoon`hmm, ok10:59
projectmoon`it looks like android was stuck in device-only10:59
projectmoon`luckily, aliendalvik control -> set to high accuracy10:59
projectmoon`yep, locked on immediately now10:59
projectmoon`ViGe, thanks for the inspiration11:00
projectmoon`now, does it work with 0.2.1111:00
projectmoon`survey says... not really o_O11:06
ViGeI guess I better not upgrade then...11:07
projectmoon`back to 0.2.10, i guess11:07
projectmoon`it's not hard to switch back and forth since it's a user app11:07
projectmoon`just odd that it doesn't lock on11:07
projectmoon`mm, never mind. maybe i'm just impatient11:08
projectmoon`it's there now11:08
projectmoon`i will play with it a bit11:08
projectmoon`i guess sailfish synchronizes android location setting with the sfos one. i turned SFOS to device-only because mozilla killed their location service11:18
Mister_Magisterhey im trying to use but it doesn't generate thumbnail files11:20
Mister_Magisterhow do you chain touchhints17:20
projectmoon`something broke my ssh login. the ciphers were removed o_O20:34
projectmoon`so i couldn't login20:34
projectmoon`now /etc/profiles.d/ also gives some heredoc errors20:48

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