Friday, 2020-08-21

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Kabouik_Where does the meeting take place? Isn't it here?10:18
rinigusKabouik_: it is on #sailfishos-meeting10:19
Kabouik_Thanks @rinigus10:20
attahOut of curiosity... how big is a OBS worker?15:55
olIt depends on how much you're going to build. You can use a regular PC to run your personal OBS server.15:59
mkolmanIt's big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.15:59
mkolman(sorry, couldn't help myself ;-) )15:59
olI run my OBS server ( on not very powerful server with 32G of RAM.16:00
olBut what really benefits from high speed and vast amounts of memory is OBS workers that does all dirty work to build packages.16:01
attahI have a Xeon E3-1246v3 based machine with 32GB RAM to spare.... just curious how relevant it miy or may not be16:01
olI think this is more than enough for OBS server itself.16:01
olAnd a couple of OBS workers.16:01
mkolmanIIRC Sailfish OS dost (most ?) builds in tmpfs in RAM, making them very fast16:02
olYes, exactly.16:02
attahSo i guess 32 is some sort of a minimum to be relevant16:03
olI've settled on 14336 MB for each worker. That's more than enough for even very big packages (like PhantomJS).16:03
olMost packages don't need this much memory.16:04
olSo, I have 2 workers on the same server. Also if needed, I start 2 more workers on my desktop PC that also has 32G of RAM (that also runs my Matrix homeserver, web server, SMTP server, DNS server).16:06
attahMaybe it is a bad idea to pool together these sort of thing s to replace the central OBS... but just playing with the idea16:07
olAnd I have 2 aarch64 workers on cheap aarch64 VPS (about €6/mo), but without tmpfs build, and armv7l worker on Raspberry Pi 4 with 2G of RAM, also without tmpfs build.16:08
olBut I want to buy Raspberry Pi 4 with 8G of RAM to migrate that worker to and use tmpfs build before it kills microSD card with frequent writes.16:09
mkolmanIIRC the Sailfish OS OBS has no native ARM hardware & is pretty fast16:11
olAnyway, server of attah (IRC) will be enough for OBS server and 2 workers. All other workers should be provided by other community members.16:11
mkolmanI wonder how even a new RPi compares to a Xeon running emulation16:11
attahIt's too bad ARM devices are still so limited in how much RAM they can deal with, at least available hobbyist boards16:12
olYes, Sailfish OS uses sb2 for cross-compilation. But it's not suitable for my purposes: I build packages for Fedora.16:12
olYes, ARM devices have less of RAM than PC, but they are quite cheap. You can buy its own Raspberry Pi 4 for each OBS worker.16:13
olOh, and BTW, my OBS server runs on Fedora, not Suse.16:14
mkolmanyeah,  Fedora AFAIK Koji always has been native only16:14
mkolmanstill was weird when it had slow 32 bit ARM native hardware yet Sailfish OS could build ARM binaries super fast using emulation16:15
mkolmanback then16:15
olKoji is not relevant for my case: I use OBS. But sb2 is not relevant as well: it's too fragile even for installing all necessary packages for Fedora.16:16
olMer and Sailfish packages are built originally using sb2. Some packages had to be patched for that.16:16
olI know that because I was working on improving sb2. I even created a fork of sb2, but there was no community interest in that.16:18
olBut I think that sb2 approach of partial emulation is quite good: run native tools for most tasks, emulate everything else in qemu.16:21
olIt's just implementation using LD_PRELOAD to replace all file access functions is really fragile and breaks easily.16:21
olSomething on system call level is needed instead.16:21
olThe problem with LD_PRELOAD approach is that glibc is monolitic. If there was a separate library providing ABI to system calls, this would be easy: replace all system calls with rewritten versions, and that's it.16:27
olBut with glibc you have to replace *all* functions that do something with pathnames: not just open(), but fopen(), freopen() etc. because even if you replace open() using LD_PRELOAD, all functions in glibc will use original version of open().16:27
olA little bit of offtopic, but if we talk about OBS here, I've started crowdfunding campaign to finance my work on porting OBS 2.10 to Fedora:16:35
olI don't expect to collect 2-month salary from private persons, but if you can find a corporate sponsor interested in this work, please give this link to them.16:35
attahThat's the manage-link, try again ;)16:36
attahol: fixed that for you
olThank you! I've copied the wrong link. Of course, it should be
RobKI'm trying to read data from a LocalStorage (rows) and bind them to a ListModel. The Qt example just appends an object in JS, but it doesn't seem to work. Which app could I use as example?16:47
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