Saturday, 2020-08-22

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attahThe only thing i miss about TJC: downvoting people that are overly negative for no reason.16:59
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KabouikAssuming you are referring to the guy who decidedto hate me (or referring to me?)18:45
KabouikI don't understand what is the problem. He keeps claiming I said something I didn't say.18:46
KabouikAnd then ignored my answer, and then asked me multiple times to answer, and then thinks I deleted his posts and will lie to cover for it.18:46
attahNeither... but damn, that got heated real fast18:46
KabouikAs shame really, I'd liketo clarify it all but any extra answer would hurt the thread18:46
attahI'm the one who flagged his message(s), because that is no way to treat another human being, or further the discussion for that matter18:47
KabouikPlus the dev he said is not interesting and insignificant made SFOS run on new devices, was contributing to sailfish-browser (a thing we would all love to see evolving), and made x86 native a thing. Just to name a few out of 78 repositories just on Github.18:48
attahI don't necessarily agree 100% with you, but you at least try to discuss in a reasonable tone18:49
KabouikPlease don't hesitate to tell me what part exactly, maybe I'm wrong, or didn't word it correctly, and I'm happy to edit or clarify if needed18:50
attahI'm still in the phase of gathering facts forming an opinion, as per my post...18:52
KabouikIn any case it's totally ok to disagree, and I'm just an outsider with just a few packages on OBS, so I cam anyway18:53
Kabouik I can't have a firm opinion either*18:53
attahAnd i can' say i have seen much complaining around here... so you do come across as a bit overly/prematurely negative, but like not even warranting a a TJC downvote18:54
KabouikBut I'm not okay with someone putting words in my mouth and then asking me 3 times to name the person I named before, and starting to be insulting be cause he thinks I don't want to answer18:54
attahLike if people start claiming there is an exodus, the might spawn one etc18:54
attahYeah, that was totally uncalled for18:55
KabouikI did, and referred to porters discussion on IRC and Telegram. Those are live chats, and they are open18:55
olGuys, can you please provide a link to the discussion you're discussing, so I can also form my opinion?18:56
KabouikI didn't really want to mean exodus, that would be an overstatement, but the porters discussion are still talking about that right now, and they were talking about "considering their other options [other than sfos]" earlier today or yesterday, nothing was made up18:56
pketouh, maybe I need to put my admin hat on and do something...19:07
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olOK, I've gathered all facts and came to independent and objective opinion.19:23
olI'm for banning szopin from forum forever, deleting all his messages and returning to discussing the original topic.19:24
olpketo (IRC): What do you think?19:24
Kabouikszopin is the dev behind the SFOS viewer app, that would be ironic (and sad, really, unless he is always posting like this?)19:26
KabouikI am genuinely sorry that my posts put him on fire, I really had no idea there was anything that could be taken this way. I'm refraining myself from answering to keep the thread on point.19:27
KabouikSFOS Forum Viewer*19:27
pketoKabouik: no need to be sorry19:29
pketoI have silenced the user for now and we'll review the situation properly next week19:30
olNo matter how good he is as contributor, toxic behaviour negates his contributions because it can discourage more potential contributors from participation.19:32
olpketo (IRC): Could you please clean up the discussion from his messages completely?19:33
KabouikI genuinely want to know if I said somthing I shouldn't have that may be taken this way, happy to edit if I did not use the correct words. I'm not a native speaker.19:36
attahKabouik: Not really... at worst being a bit negative. Not even a TJC downvote in my book. You have 5 hearts even!19:41
KabouikMine is yours then <319:42
KabouikProblem is even if it escalated quickly, at first he was just asking simple questions directly to me so I had no reason to ignore him19:42
KabouikNow, looking backwards, it'd have been if I didn't follow up from the beginning19:42
attahnobody can fault you for assuming people will act reasonably19:43
KabouikAnyway, I think the best to solve this is just to let people who have real things to discuss take over the thread19:43
pketoThe clearly offensive/off-topic messages should be now hidden, not sure how/if they show up to normal users, but not deleting them yet19:51
pketoI'm still a bit newbie with the discourse administrative tools :)19:54
Nico[m]It shows up as "This post was flagged by the community and has been temporarily hidden" and you can click a link to view it, I think20:04
olYes. And they still occupy significant part of the page. That's why I'm for complete removal.20:22

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