Sunday, 2020-08-23

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attahI just found this... still don't know how i feel about it:
attahBasically conversion tools for all the strange cheapo-printer formats in easy to use programs14:48
Mister_Magisterneither sdk via docker or vbox work. congratulation jolla. clap clap clap
Mister_Magistergreat job, splendid work15:46
elros1Kabouik: seems 3.4.0.x might not be that easy release so I made system wide cursor patch for
elros1also qtbase base have small changes so it follows content orientation instead device orientation22:18
KabouikCool elros1. My phone ran out of battery and I am going to bed but I am looking forward to trying it tomorrow. So this is a separate rpm this time? The last one was qxcompositor (and the qtbase plugin)22:29
KabouikOr is it a tets app?22:29
elros1it patch for lipstick22:29
elros1qtbase plugin is still needed22:30
KabouikOk, so this one makes the cursor show up and refresh system wide, not just watching within qxcompositor22:31
KabouikThat's cool. I hope it will work for me, since as you know I had this issue of unidentified cause with qxcompositor mouse tracking22:32
Kabouikqtbase was on Github, not OBS, correct?22:38
KabouikFound it:
KabouikIt's still release 0.0.1 from 6 days ago, I'll have to build it22:40
elros1realease is old but rpm is new22:41
KabouikYes I see it now22:42

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