Wednesday, 2020-08-26

iKrevedkoHello. Help me to understand:
r0kk3rzyou want to make an app that has root permissions?00:39
iKrevedkor0kk3rz, nope, I'm writing security scanner for apps00:52
r0kk3rzok thats interesting00:52
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iKrevedkoUsing suid/sgid for privilege escalation looks like a hack and I think it was not provided by the OS developers01:34
iKrevedkoAre there any documents describing the best practices for secure apps development?01:36
r0kk3rzi dont think so01:42
r0kk3rzgenerally in sfos theres not much in terms of secure things01:43
r0kk3rzthe main way they handle security is QA processes in the harbour store01:45
r0kk3rzand if you install things from open repos, all bets are off01:45
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iKrevedkoSounds reasonable02:27
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OksanaI have successfully paired a Bluetooth mouse with my Sailfish phone. Now what? I do not see cursor.07:18
spiiroinOksana: you should be able to wake up display with mouse button double click - but afaik atm that is about what you can do with a mouse...07:54
KabouikOksana, spiiroin, things have changed a few days ago because elros34 has been working on packages and patches to improve that. You can now see a cursor and its orientation is dynamic if you install a qt5 plugin (else it's just working in portrait). Gimme a second for the links.10:03
KabouikFirst, you need to edit a configuration file to enable mouse support: (just add the -plugin evdevmouse at the end of the line)10:05
KabouikThen you need this for dynamic orientation of the mouse coordinates: (install with zypper in and chose "Break dependencies" when prompted)10:06
KabouikAnd finally you need this to show the cursor:
KabouikThe last one is a patch, so you install the RPM, and then you go enable it in Patchmanager3. Restart Lipstick, done.10:07
KabouikThe cursor will show when a mouse is detected. Mouse click toggles events/cover views. The cursor goes away if you tap on the screen with the finger.10:07
KabouikThere's no drawback to having all this installed as far as I know.10:07
spiiroinKabouik: nice to know, sounds cool10:23
edp17kabouik: I was on the wrong channel (#sailfish instead on #sailfishos). :)13:55
KabouikWoops, my bad actually, I have you the wrong channel name sorry14:03
KabouikSo anyway, nothing much to discuss about SFOS itself, except I posted some temporary instructions here:
KabouikI'll wait until I know if elros' packages are WIP or final before adding this to the LXC wiki (and TMO probably)14:05
KabouikBut it appears elros is not here actually14:05
projectmoon`is there a way to delete individual words out of the learned words on the keyboard? i can only seem to find a "delete all learned words" option14:06
KabouikAlso edp17:14:11
Kabouik SB mouse working on remote Windows machine (cloud app from the Android store) within AD. Now I can really play FS2020 on the phone. :O I could even plug a HOTAS actually, but I need a licence for 2 usb devices simultaneously14:11
KabouikAs described in the comment, it requires Zerotier (available on openrepos) for making a fake local network, Virtualhere (single executable binary from the website) to send USB over IP, and enabling cursor trails in Windows, else the cursor was not shown during movements (I assume the cloud computing app shows only the local cursor when moving to avoid a lag feeling) and the real cursor when clicking.14:12
KabouikThe Lipstick cursor worked too, but in AD there is no mouse wheel or right click. Both L and R buttons act as left click, and long click is right click. Wheel is ignored.14:12
KabouikWhile with Virtualhere to send the mouse to the distant machine, everything works as a mouse would when plugged directly to Windows.14:12
KabouikSo, nothing fancy, just cloud computing, but the app was gimped with the simpler mouse support with no real right click or scroll wheel, now it should become useful.14:13
edp17Kabouik: No worries, it took me a while until I realised that I was on the wrong channel, but finally I am here. :)14:24
edp17I think found the reason of the battery drain. I was not related to the cursor and conky at all.14:25
edp17The reason was the app Jami that I installed. Since I removed it, the battery is draining a lot less rapidly than before.14:25
edp17With the Jami installed my battery was draining about 10% per hour which was quite high. :)14:26
KabouikIn my case, it might be some tabs in FF LXC, but not sure yet. What is Jami?14:26
KabouikYeah I can observe similar amouts, more if using actively14:26
edp17Jami is a conversation/video chat/wifi call app like whatsapp but it is better as it uses distributed network and independent from google/facebook. (
edp17And it's FOSS and Secure and all the usual stuff how the others advertise themselves. :)14:28
edp17Oh, an addition to the mouse cursor thing. When I installed those packages on my Nexus 5, and tried with some android apps, as I said the clicks/scroll didn't work.14:29
edp17Plus, in the Telegram android app I couldn't go into a conversation! because the app only selected the line rather than entered into it.14:30
edp17Deactivationg the mousetracker in Patchmanager was not enough, I needed to remove it and reboot the device the get the Telegram working again.14:31
edp17I have not tested it on my XA2 because that is my main phone and I don't want to mess it up.14:32
edp17I have watched the video about the usb mouse and shadow cloud computing. By the way, what is the shadow cloud computing?14:36
KabouikYes exactly edp17, I had similar issues in Android apps with the cursor, which I solve only in the Shadow app by using Virtualhere to share the mous as a USB device directly on the distant machine; then I have scroll and right click, left click working properly, etc. But that's only possible because the app shows a distant OS where I can run virtualhere and which can recognize usb devices14:38
KabouikIt's just a cloud computing system, it's popular because you get a full Windows machine you can administrate and dedicated hardware, not just game streaming, and you don't pay per hour14:39
KabouikWorks okayish in AD 8.8, except the sound is stuttering to an unusable level, I only use it muted now. Works fine in stock Android though, or in Windows/Mac/Linux apps. Not sure if the issue is AD or microG in my case.14:41
edp17Kabouik, are you using AD 8.8 on the F(x)tec Pro1?14:43
edp17I am currently on the website.14:44
KabouikNo it's not allowed edp1714:44
edp17So far I am sceptic and don't see benefit of using a computer in the cloud.14:44
edp17I thought the Pro1 has a similar hw/architecture to an official device. Sorry, my bad.14:45
KabouikYes I'm not sure what's my position on that either, I don't need it, expecially not a W10 system. On the other hand it can save me sometimes to have that accessible everywhere, and since I play flight sims, it's useful to have a Windows machine with good hardware14:45
edp17I see. I think these computers will rule the future rather than a physical device at your home, but I am old school. :)14:47
KabouikI still have one at home too, yup. I wouldn't want to depend on the cloud.14:48
edp17I think will try the mouse stuff on my XA2. As I already tested on the treltexx and installing/removing hasn't caused any problem, I don't think it will break my XA2 setup.14:50
KabouikAh good to know, I was not sure about removing the qt5 plugin14:50
KabouikBut I installed it on my main phone too14:50
KabouikI hope there won't be issues with future OTA updates14:51
edp17I have reinstalled that (qt5 plugin) from the official repo and that's it.14:52
edp17I think the official updates will overwrite that and you will need to install it manually again.14:52
KabouikGood to know, thanks14:52
edp17I have repackaged the sudo rpm for myself but every time I installed something else, pkcon installed and overwrote mine. :(14:54
edp17I meant pkcon installed the sudo from the official repo.14:54
KabouikI wonder if you can chattr protect it?14:55
KabouikMaybe it would fail the updates, I won't try it myself :p14:55
edp17Well, it might work. Finally I had enough and installed the official sudo and configured it, so pkcon is settled down. :)14:57
edp17Plus now I am not installing a new system from scratch in every hour, so don't need to install sudo often. :)14:58
KabouikYou were using Jami through AD or in LXC? Battery drain even without video calls I take it?14:58
edp17When I had the battery drain I have tried Jami in LXC (I think mentioned it on the tmo topic I created). On that device AD is not available, that's why I thought using the Jami desktop version in the LXC. It worked for sending/receiving texts but the text was so tiny, I couldn't see properly.15:01
KabouikOh, it can't be configured?15:02
KabouikI installed Telegram desktop in LXC too; it's one of the candidates for the battery drain on my side.15:02
edp17There is a jami-daemon running in the background continuously and probably that caused the battery drain.15:02
edp17I have tried to configure the text size in Jami but didn't find any option for it. The system wide config (within SID) was not enough for that.15:03
edp17I will try Telegram too, but first would like to double check the battery consumption is restored after the Jami is removed. :)15:04
KabouikExactly, that way you can tell me if battery drains faster again with Telegram. :>15:08
edp17Will do. :)15:09
edp17Now I know the channel name, so can come back anytime. :D15:09
projectmoon`Kabouik, LXC you say? is harbour-containers out officially yet?15:15
projectmoon`rinigus, i am trying nheko-reborn (QT matrix client) on flatpak. but it crashes after entering username and exits with status 134. nothing useful seems to appear in the terminal. is there a way to extract more useful info?15:33
rinigusprojectmoon`: hard to say. as you need maliit keyboard support to get to this state, it is hard to see how you can debug it properly. I am using mirage instead, but that you need to compile15:35
projectmoon`yes, i'm too lazy for that, at the moment. waiting for them to publish to flathub15:35
projectmoon`it seems to crash when nheko is doing some server resolution i guess.15:35
rinigusdon't wait, but step up and help to make it happen. I am not going to push for it with an idea that users have to take care of it once in a while :)15:36
projectmoon`are you the developer of mirage? o_O15:36
projectmoon`i meant, i'm waiting for mirage to show up on flathub15:37
rinigusno, I made flatpak packaging scripts for it. and file bugs15:37
projectmoon`i see your issue open now, yes15:37
rinigusmirage has some issues with touchscreen as it is developed towards keyboard input. hopefully, some more mainstream client will show up, as spectral with kirigami15:39
rinigusor sailfish matrix client will surface15:39
projectmoon`bluepill seems rather complete so far, aside from the whole not room interface not being implemented...15:40
rinigusyeah, which is kind of missing a main page :)15:42
projectmoon`i'm most impressed that it has end to end encryption and apparently key sharing15:45
projectmoon`on a completely unrelated note, what version of openssh server should be installed on rokua? i had openssh 8.1 installed, but it randomly stopped letting me log in. so then i had to downgrade to 8.015:55
munchausenHello, I am considering the xperia 10 with sailfish and had a couple of questions16:00
munchausenIt looks like the cheapest place to buy a new phone is ebay, as availability is not that great elsewhere. If it is new in box and not network locked does that mean that the bootloader can be unlocked?16:01
munchausenI am not sure what questions to ask the seller in order to check16:01
munchausenAlso, I assume that if it has been updated to android 10 I can't downgrade? Because I noticed that the install doesn't work on android 1016:02
munchausenFinally, I wondered if anyone has any low light example shots from the xperia 10? I have heard that the camera works much better than the XA2, which is what has prompted me to make the switch, but I can't find any actual examples16:02
attahAnyone up for co-sponsoring a BT headset battery monitor question on the next community meeting?19:27
attahI have a lot on my plate right now and don't want to drop it if it comes back as "community can contribute here"...19:28
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Anaskoprojectmoon` : On Sailfish OS 3 (on Fxtec Pro1), I just long-press suggested learned word (like, say, 'mipsrint') while it is being displayed by the keyboard, and it gets deleted.22:48

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