Thursday, 2020-08-27

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edp17_projectmoon: More info about LXC (harbour-containers) is here:
KabouikHe's offline, wanted to tell him too08:43
edp17_Oh, I didn't know that.08:44
edp17_This is the downside of using IRC. If you are offline, I miss messages. That's why Telegram is better. (Or I suppose just don't know how to properly use IRC.)08:45
Nico[m]I just use matrix to access IRC. Makes it a lot easier to follow discussions, but I guess Telegram would work too08:48
AJAX555screen + irssi ftw08:48
AJAX555(and a server)08:49
Nico[m]Not everyone has access to that though and it is not that nice to use from multiple devices08:50
AJAX555true, though I have no problems accessing irc from my phone if I am not home forexample08:51
edp17_I use the hexchat in ubuntu and the sfos IRC app. However in both, if I restart the app, I don't see the older messages.08:59
edp17_It would be nice if this channel existed on telegram too. :)08:59
KabouikI run IRC on my VPS edp17, and then access it from every machine from the terminal using mosh/ssh. It works pretty well and beats Telegram for ressources use and minimalism! The terminal UIs are so clean too (yes, I know there are CLI options for Terminal too, I use nchat sometimes).09:00
Kabouik I prefer the left UI, better use of screen space too. :>09:02
KabouikBut not really the same use, I would prefer Telegram for private communications as an alternative to Telegram (I don't use any of the two apps for that but can see how it is useful to some), and IRC for public channels. Not a big fan of Telegram for public channels, since you need to get the invite link in the first place09:05
Kabouikas an alternative to Whatsapp*09:05
Kabouik^ edp17_09:07
r0kk3rzi forget who runs the bot these days09:09
r0kk3rzmaybe Thaodan ?09:10
Nico[m]I just use Matrix for everything. Bridged to Telegram, Whatsapp, IRC, etc I don't need to run multiple clients, which is nice :309:11
edp17_Kabouik: Thanks for those examples. :) i don't use VPS and as I am working on my PC from 9 to 5, the telegram web interface is the best option to follow the communications. Plus the app also works on my phones, so I don't lose anything. As my PC is off outside of working hours, I cannot run my own VPS or anything similar on it either.09:22
edp17_I guess just need to accommodate to the use of IRC on the phone and that's all. :)09:22
edp17_I'll give another go for the Matrix. I already tried that but (don't remember why) didn't like it. I'll try again. How can I bridge it to Whatsapp, Telegram and IRC?09:24
edp17_Oh, I remember now, the Matrix has been renamed to Element and that is not free. That's why I didn't like. :)09:25
Nico[m]Matrix has always been free and will always be free09:33
Nico[m]Element is just one of the clients and the company behind it does sell paid hosting, but you can use the client to connect to any free server, like,, etc09:34
Nico[m]Or host your own using one of the free servers, like synapse, conduit or dendrite09:34
Nico[m]You usually need to host your own server to setup bridges, but there are public bridges to IRC and Telegram, so you don't need to setup anything there09:35
Nico[m](Since matrix is federated, you can talk from your server with everyone else)09:37
edp17_Thanks for the detailed explanation. :)09:45
Nico[m]No worries, I'm the developer of an alternative client (Nheko), so I kinda should know those things :309:47
edp17_Cool! :)09:48
edp17_Is there a client for SFOS?09:48
Nico[m]There are a few, but none that work that well yet in my experience. One day I'll have time to finish my client, one day...09:50
KabouikWorks pretty well on phone too edp17_:
Kabouik(I also have the IRC client configured as a native SFOS application actually, but was too lazy to make a package yet; I'll do it when one PR I'm waiting is merged upstream)09:50
edp17_I recently downloaded the app IRC from Jolla store. On my desktop I use the HexChat. Nico[m] can you let me know those clients, please?09:53
KabouikI think there's Riot edp17_, not sure about other ones09:54
Nico[m]edp17_: There is bluepill, mirage via flatpak and I'm working on Spoon, but I haven't touched it in half a year, so I can't recommend it :D09:56
edp17_Afaik, Riot is also an android app, so it doesn't run on SFOS.09:56
Nico[m]There may be others09:57
edp17_Thanks, I'll try the others you mentioned.09:57
KabouikThe IRC app is not bad edp17_, but I tend to have disconnections all the time with mobile connection, so for me CLI client running on server + mosh/ssh was the best, also because I prefer TUIs. But I use the client directly on phone too occasionally, and really want to make a SFOS package for it (until then, you can try it with cargo install, natively or in LXC). But not sure you'd like to type with the terminal keyboard if you have a touch only09:58
Kabouik phone09:58
edp17_Flatpak is also a very good thing, but unfortunately doesn't work on my older devices. (I couldn't make it work even on my Nexus 5.)09:58
KabouikCould still be convenient to start a tmux session on your phone, run the IRC client, forget about it, and ssh into it from computer when you're at work + tmux09:59
edp17_Kabouik: Yeah, this is what I am thinking of. As I have multiple devices I can run this on one of them and ssh into it from the others. I'll try that. :) (I've watched llelectronics' video about that.)10:04
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KabouikDoes anyone has any experience with Jupii? I'm trying to screencast and access it from VLC's network option, but I'm asked a login and password for "Realm Sailfish OS Screencast", and it's not my nemo/password16:02
KabouikOk that was the Screencast app actually, not Jupii, and Screencast has a password option. Still trying to understand how to show the Juppi cast16:04
attahI was really struggling to find that in jupii16:04
attahIt used to be the case that jupii was the clienteqsue server to a "sink"16:05
attahBut at some point it became a server for browsing too, but afaik that does not allow screen casting16:06
attahi could be mistaken ofcourse...16:06
KabouikThere is a beta screen casting option in it16:07
attahin server mode too?16:07
KabouikCalled "Screen capture: Enable|Disabled|Enabled with audio"16:07
KabouikI don't know really, it's just the settings page in the GUI16:07
attahsure.. but at least i have only found how to use it if i have Jupii discover a suitable sink16:08
attahif i browse Jupii from my TV i just get files16:08
KabouikOkay, yes maybe. I don't have one at hand here, I was trying to access the stream from PC using VLC or something (which works with Screencast already but I wanted to test Jupii's features)16:09
KabouikSame, just files16:09
attahI think faking a file is a bit too involved...16:09
KabouikI'm not sure what sink type would be required to display the stream. It's weird because my TV decoder is capable of seeing DLNA streams from apps like Leonflix and Stremio, so I would expect it should be capable to stream the phone too16:10
KabouikI got to go, will do some other tests later I think; thanks for answering anyway attah16:10
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