Friday, 2020-08-28

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Anaskozypper update is being weird on Fxtec Pro1 Sailfish OS  droid-hal-t5-img-boot libevent python3-pillow transmission cannot be updated automagically because update candidate is from a different vendor.03:55
AnaskoI wouldn't worry about the latter two, but the droid and libevent things sound important for functioning of the system.03:56
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munchausenI just bought an xperia 10 for sailfish. First new (instead of second hand) phone in over 10 years! I've only used community sailfish builds before. Can I backup my DRM keys before I unlock the bootloader?08:54
munchausenI've found some info from searching but nothing for the xperia 10 in particular so far08:55
munchausenFrom reading it appears that this is perhaps not supported on the 10... some say not necessary09:50
x2sare those keys used by any sailfish apps at all?10:06
munchausenNo, from what I understand they are mostly used for the camera tech. Which is why the camera does not take great pictures on xperia phones under sailfish10:19
ggabrielmunchausen: there's no such thing as "supported" when it comes down to backing up sony's drm keys... sometimes you can hack it and do it, and perhaps revert it later. In varios people's experience, unlocking the bootloader=losing warranty. Sony will make its best effort to make some argument up on that regard. Sorry10:19
munchausens/supported/possible then10:19
ggabrielmunchausen: not that I know then :) I've done it before and it's a fiddly process, xda is probably the best source I know for this though10:20
* ggabriel meant doing it before on the Xx10:21
munchausenI am not conerned about losing the warranty. It's only that I've read that it is possible with other xperias and it allows reverting back to stock, so if I can I may as well retain that possibility. But I bought the phone specifically for sailfish and can't see myself reverting10:22
munchausenggabriel thank you10:23
ggabrielmunchausen: nah, you should be able to revert regardless of the OS10:23
ggabrielreverting is tricky if you don't have the original image (the ones published in emma), I believe10:23
ggabrielmake sure that xda provides instructions for reverting too though. Again, it's a super fiddly process, often requires sony images that they take down from time to time10:24
ggabrieland there are dodgy backups on the internet that may or may not work10:24
munchausenI actually bought my current phone to run sailfish too, an x compact. But after receiving it (second hand) it did not allow bootloader unlocking so I have been stuck with android lol! This time I learned my lesson and bought a new one from a retailer10:24
ggabrielyeah, asking the original owner if the phone is unlockable sometimes proves difficult. Sorry to hear that10:25
munchausenIt's been an OK phone under android but its getting long in the tooth now. The newer alien dalvik tempted me to get something newer although I'd prefer something really compact ideally10:26
munchausenAnd buying new the 10 is not much more than the XA2 so decided I may as well go for that10:27
munchausen(Something newer _for sailfish_. I was considering finding another x compact that had an unlocakble bootloader)10:27
edp17_Kabouik: I can confirm the root cause of the battery drain on my treltexx was the Jami. I have tested the LXC with the mouse cursor and conky installed but without the Jami and the battery consumption is fine now! :)10:28
munchausenggabriel I guess that if I can't find a stock image or take a backup I can always install lineage if I wanted10:32
ggabrielfor lineage you need the bootloader unlocked10:33
ggabrielbut yeah, ultimately it's a possibility10:33
munchausenI meant after installing sailfish10:33
ggabriellineage also takes down images from time to time, if the phone is old10:33
munchausenSo bootloader already unlocked anyhow10:33
munchausenLooks like there is a lineage build for xperia 10 so all good10:35
ggabrielif a phone supports sfos, there generally is a lineage image :)10:36
ggabrielor some other android image available somewhere10:36
edp17_Kabouik: Telegram-desktop works very well on the device!10:42
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KabouikYep it works really well edp17_, but I suspect it significantly increases battery drain too. I'm trying to avoid running it now, just in case, but I didn't set up the grounds for testing the difference properly.12:29
KabouikLet me know what you observe too12:29
KabouikAlso, you really need a Pro┬╣ edp17_, that beast is absolutely amazing in combination with LXC/chroot. :>12:29
edp17_Kabouik: I monitor the telegram for a while, then let you know the outcome. :)12:57
edp17_Believe me I already considered to purchase a Pro1 (what I really like is the physical keyboard) but that is too expensive to experiment with. Plus AD is not supported and as SFOS lacks of some apps that I need, my best bet is the XA2.13:00
edp17_Well, until I stay on SFOS, which is I am not sure in anymore. :(13:00
munchausenyeah I have sf on gemini and it feels a bit pointless without android apps, even browsing is painful13:02
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edp17_munchausen: I think the biggest issue is that SFOS lacks of native apps and not all android apps work correctly either.14:24
edp17_On the gemini you can try to run a desktop Debian distro within an LXC. In there then you will have a full desktop linux in your pocket. (There are some limitation so far but many things do work great.)14:26
KabouikAndroid is not as useful as it used to be for me since LXC and a desktop web browser, but else there's Anbox too (which I need to try when I find the Android rootfs)14:53
munchausenThought I'd have a look at lxc containers on the gemini... I only have the free version but it turns out I can update it anyway from the command line which is quite cool. But lxc-checkconfig reports that it can't find /proc/modules and indeed it seems to be missing. Any clues?21:18
munchausenI'm actually wondering if I don't have any modules... /lib/modules/`uname -r` has only a few .dep files etc, no actual modules21:24
munchausenyeah find on / for *.ko comes up empty so I guess there are no modules on gemini21:26
munchausenseems odd21:26
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