Saturday, 2020-08-29

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rinigusdoes anyone know whether we have some macro that can be used to detect in SPEC whether the build is running for Sailfish? something like %sailfish_version?08:12
rinigusand set for local builds and obs08:12
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Kabouikmunchausen I'm not skilled enough to help you with the kernel requirements, but supposedly it should be possible to compile it with the modules. Alternatively, you can use elros34's sailfish_linux_chroot, which has lower requirements. It will lack the GUI of the LXC app, and features tied to LXC like services, snapshots and freezes, but none of it is absolutely critical. Chroot works pretty well too and there are automated installation scripts11:45
Kabouikfor xfce4 too (though a tiling wm is better in my opinion if you have a hardware keyboard, since it saves the need for precise tapping on the small screen).11:45
Kabouikattah I managed to get screen cast very briefly to my TV decoder using Jupii, but the quality was bad and it showed only for a second. I had to add modules to the TV decoder device from the pulley in Jupii. Then broadcasting videos worked fine, same with microphone module. Audio capture for some reason didn't work. And screencasting worked only briefly when enabled right after video broadcasting, then crashed. I have pictures I can upload later12:18
Kabouikto show you (in cinema right now).12:18
attahI don't think i can help much... that's consistent with my experience12:19
attahMaybe see if the dev stops by at some point and ask about what expectations are reasonable12:20
KabouikYeah no big deal for me if I can't get it to work, just wanted to keep you posted12:21
KabouikMaybe I'll comment on Openrepos at some point12:22
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Mohjivenew to app development and want to fix an issue with amazfish (, but get dependency error when trying to build the project14:52
Mohjivehow do I resolve/add deps in qtcreator?14:52
piggzyou have to ssh into the build environment and add the repo for the deps and innstall them manually14:53
Mohjive@piggz ah, ok, ty14:54
Mohjive@piggz btw, want to add support for Bip S, which should be a clone of GTS with Bip icon, what is needed more than ?14:55
MohjiveI had issues with qtcreator on linux (froze when starting vm), so I had to push my WiP to continue on another computer14:56
piggzprobably not a lot more ... i got your request and wasgoing to get get to it, just got back from vacation yesterday14:56
piggzis bib s like gtp or bip lite?14:57
piggzi need to do a bunch of fixes for the net gts firmware14:57
MohjiveI think gts (GPS, 10 modes etc), but with LCD display14:57
Mohjiveso it has the looks of a lite14:57
MohjiveI was confused by not finding a pairing in the app (tried 'Bip Lite'), but I reccon you use the string to match the device?14:59
Mohjivewhat would you think about using wild card matching with pairing and selecting correct driver depending on BT identidy string instead?15:00
Mohjiveif it's an interesting approach, I maybe could have a go (no promises) :)15:01
piggzsure, though there will always be some amount of string matching because for safety, i check the device name before sending a firmware15:03
Mohjiveyes, ofc, I was more thinking of streamlining the pairing process. Still keep some sort of matching, like "Amazfit *". Once associated and added it should be fixed string15:06
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