Tuesday, 2020-09-01

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ollbt (IRC): Do you know what is approximate monthly cost of running Mer / Sailfish OS community OBS?15:32
lbteach worker is a Hetzner machine at about 60€ plus another machine running the fe/be VMs18:21
ollbt (IRC): How many worker processes each €60 worker machine runs? How much a host running OBS server and API costs?18:22
lbthttps://build.sailfishos.org/monitor => 4 workers + 1 host (and those are old spec machines too)18:23
lbtso that's about 300/month overall18:24
olI use a server at Hetzner for €30/mo + VAT (about €37/mo overall) to run OBS server and 2 x86_64 workers. It has 5th gen Xeon processor and 32G of memory.18:27
attahSounds like it should be possible to do cheaper given the high idle times...18:27
lbtYes, I'd agree18:28
olActually, I have a great idea: let community members provide their hosts as workers.18:28
lbtwon't work18:29
olWhy not?18:29
lbtmassively insecure, unreliable and slow :)18:29
lbtI'm not saying you can't make it happen though18:30
olWhen I need to build faster, I just start two extra OBS workers on my desktop computer.18:30
attahI'd do it in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the security (and maybe a bit of the noise)18:30
olOf course, all OBS workers connect to OBS server through VPN. I was using Tinc, but now I've migrated to Wireguard almost completelyю18:31
ol * Of course, all OBS workers connect to OBS server through VPN. I was using Tinc, but now I've migrated to Wireguard almost completely.18:31
lbtyeah - the worker host can hack the worker trivially and the worker can hack the host trivially18:32
attahworth looking at more closely then18:32
lbtso they need to be in the same trust-zone18:32
attahthat is the other side of the coin18:32
attahBut i still wonder what more cloudy setups would cost for the current usage...18:33
olAlternatively, community members would be able to sponsor cheap VPSes with workers. I have two aarch64 workers on a VPS at scaleway for about €6/mo.18:33
olYes. it has 2G of RAM which precludes using tmpfs for build. But its virtual disk (presumably located on NVMe SSD) is quite fast.18:35
olAnyway, Mer OBS setup is not extensively massive. OBS server / API and 15 x86_64 workers.18:36
lbtIt used to have a lot more18:37
ollbt (IRC): If Mer OBS will be salvaged from imminent shutdown and transferred to community ownership, would you still be interested in keeping managing and supporting it?18:39
lbtdifficult question tbh18:40
olOK, no problem, don't answer. Sorry for asking difficult questions.18:41
lbtNo, that's OK18:41
lbtI've sunk massive amounts of energy into Mer over the last 10? years18:42
lbtand you've surely noticed that I'm not around as much anymore18:42
lbtMer is ticking over and doesn't take masses of work - but the hours add up18:43
lbtthe build community split into apps in openrepos and porters18:43
lbtand a few hardy souls who used OBS because the SDK and openrepos wasn't up to doing things like kde libs18:44
lbtso one thing I don't see is a real need for OBS now18:44
ollbt (IRC): What do you think, was Jolla's decision to shutdown Mer OBS caused by cost cutting measures or being unable to find somebody proficient in OBS enough to supplement your work?18:45
lbtI can't really say what was there beyond the public announcements18:46
lbtI'm OK saying I don't agree with it but I also don't have a strong argument against it18:46
malif we just look at the usage from the main page in sfos OBS it hasn't had much activity based on the graph18:49
lbtI think the community needs to show what use is being made of OBS - range of use and scale of use18:50
lbtmal: check different arches : armv8el18:51
olAlternative projects (like Nemo) still need OBS. The mere announcement of plans to shutdown OBS already ignited efforts to move Nemo out from Mer OBS to openSUSE OBS, and as a side effect, to rebase Nemo on Fedora (because openSUSE OBS has no Mer core project and it requires admin privileges to create one).18:51
olmal (IRC): This is because monitor shows graphs for armv7 for some reason, and all work is done by x86_64 scheduler.18:51
lbtYeah that's a shame - but moving Nemo to Fedora also removes any motivation for Jolla to support it I guess18:52
olJolla was never supporting it in the first place.18:53
lbtNo, true - it was under Mer which Jolla supported18:53
lbtspeaking of which - who runs nemo nowadays?18:54
lbtI'd be happy to hand over the domain to them :)18:54
lbtthe mer DNS system will go away too at some point18:54
olOnly those who develop it. It's not production ready yet, but quickly progressing. There is a good port for PinePhone.18:55
olWithout libhybris, using mainline kernel.18:56
olAnd with more modern Qt. Not the latest one, but still not so outdated as in Sailfish OS.18:57
piggzlbt: what kind of psycho would be building kde libs ?!20:59
olpiggz (IRC): You don't have to be a psycho. You may just need them to build an app you need. There are lots of useful apps that use KDE libs.21:09
piggzol: https://build.merproject.org/project/show/home:piggz:kf521:10
olpiggz (IRC): Then why are you asking? You're doing this yourself!21:13
piggzol: it was a joke ;)21:13
ol- "Doctor, nobody takes me seriously."21:16
ol- "Ha-ha! You're kidding me!"21:16
olBut this situation was completely opposite: I took your joke too seriously. :-)21:31

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